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Posted on 03/02/2022 20:35
President Jair Bolsonaro presents the main actions of the 2021 government at the opening of the Legislative Year
President Jair Bolsonaro highlighted the main actions of the Federal Government in 2021 and announced the priorities for this year. - Photo: Alan Santos/PR
President Jair Bolsonaro participated, this Wednesday (02/02), in the National Congress, in the opening ceremony of the Legislative Year. During the presentation of the message to parliamentarians, President Jair Bolsonaro highlighted the main actions of the Federal Government in 2021 and announced the priorities for this year.
In the message, President Jair Bolsonaro highlighted the major infrastructure projects started in 2021; improving the business environment; foreign trade records and social investments. He highlighted, in particular, the advances in the vaccination campaign that the country has been carrying out against Covid-19 and which is considered one of the largest in the world.
President Jair Bolsonaro also highlighted that structural reforms and new legal frameworks in various sectors are leading the country to greater efficiency in the economy, with more productivity, and an important advance in the agendas of privatization and concessions, in trade liberalization and in debureaucratization.
For 2022, the perspective is for the continuity of social policies, such as the payment of Auxílio Brasil, and new deliveries of home ownership to the population. In macroeconomic terms, the focus will continue to be on controlling inflation, negotiations on Tax Reform, and privatization concessions and auctions.
In 2021, the Federal Government worked with the National Congress to approve an important fiscal reform that established the commitment to balance the country's finances, by creating fiscal adjustment mechanisms that aim to allow the sustainability of the public debt. This approval made it possible to pay Emergency Aid 2021, which was initially expected to be paid in four installments, and was extended by Decree No.
Other important measures to face the effects of the Covid-19 health crisis were appreciated and sanctioned by Congress, such as the facilitation of the rules for refinancing the debts of states with the Union; the transformation of Pronampe into an official credit policy; and the edition of the Provisional Measure that opened credit of R$ 5 billion to guarantee the credit operations contracted under the program. Also noteworthy was the strengthening of monetary policy with the approval of the Central Bank's autonomy and the favorable scenario for the emergence and growth of innovation companies with the approval of the Legal Framework for Start-ups.
In 2022, the greatest expectation is in relation to two matters that are being processed in the National Congress on the portability of the electricity bill which, if approved, will allow consumers access to the free electricity market, based on the choice of different suppliers in the electricity market. energy. Another bill that will stand out in 2022 is the New Legal Framework for Guarantees, authored by the Executive, pending in the Chamber of Deputies, and which will stimulate the credit market. The objective is to facilitate obtaining credit by reducing barriers and interest rates on operations.
In the tax area, the National Congress must analyze the Tax Reform projects, with the objective of simplifying the Brazilian tax system by extinguishing taxes and stimulating the competitiveness of companies. The part that deals with the Income Tax has already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies and is awaiting analysis by the plenary of the Federal Senate.
Main highlights of Federal Government actions in 2021
• Extension of the payment of Emergency Aid for three months, benefiting 39.4 million families with resources of R$ 59.5 billion from the Federal Government;
• Record coverage of the Bolsa Família Program, reaching more than 14.7 million families;
• Start of payment of Auxílio Brasil to 14.5 million families, with the subsequent inclusion of three million, zeroing the 2021 queue;
• Increase in job creation, with a balance of over three million new jobs and an increase of almost 8% compared to 2020;
• Total of 41.5 million formal jobs occupied, the highest number since 2015;
• More than 1.2 million homes delivered to the low-income population through the Casa Verde e Amarela Program (PCVA);
• Investments of more than R$340 billion in infrastructure areas, within the scope of the Investment Partnership Program (PPI);
• Holding of the 5G technology auction, the largest ever held in the telecommunications sector, with


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