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Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo construction lawyer at ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM can assist you in setting up your project in Brazil and managing works and liabilities that would otherwise consume voluminous amounts of time and investments. Therefore it is essential to pay attention to these legal characteristics involving real estate construction because it entails from the land acquisition to preparation of structural and architectural projects, to advertising, to contracts, to powers of attorney, to unit sales. Finally, it is essential that all procedures must be strictly met otherwise there will be eminent legal and economic disruption.

Real estate incorporation is the set of activities performed in order to build or promote the construction of buildings as well as its marketing. The real estate consists of independent units that together form a condominium. To make possible the real estate development a number of activities are required by the competent Real Estate Registry like the evident registration at the township and other government agencies that regulate incorporations. Our specialty rightly involves legal support for incorporations in order to insert it in the construction and marketing business.

Undeniable and extraordinary is the current Brazilian economy with the rise of social classes and hence the implication of this economic and social rising in the search for real estate acquisition.

Thus the country is experiencing an exceptional demand of this new social class that aspire to buy their first property and therefore expands new constructions across the country.

In this sense the Institute of Real Estate Development has great relevance to cater to this new and overwhelming demand for housing. However, the legal rules that guide and create legal certainty and economic viability of the real estate development must be strictly observed.

The rules for Real Estate Development (Law 4.591/64) must be thoroughly fulfilled to avoid the phenomenon of legal uncertainty and economic impracticability.

For instance, the Law 4.591/64 authorizes the sale of independent units of the building still under construction or not yet completed which have legal existence through its registration. This situation surely propitiates the inflow of private capital and benefits the buyers and future residents with the clearance of paperwork.

However, to accomplish the proper register of real estate development the property developer must prepare the application for incorporation which must contain all info about the project and also must follow literally the requirements for documents demanded in Article 32 of Law 4591/64, which is a complex legal device and requires suitable legal advice on real estate law with specialization in real estate for the full legal and economic success of the investment.

Undoubtedly in 2005 we experienced a housing boom never seen in any country, but companies hit the brakes in 2007 because of the “bubble” that occurred in the United States. In that country the main problem originated from the so-called “subprime " - loans to people less able to accomplish their liabilities. Brazilian construction lawyer at ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM can help you develop your project with safety and accordingly to Brazilian Construction Law

To achieve success in the corporate world today, a company must have the most modern and efficient assistance regarding matters such as quality of products and services as well as business management strategies to always maintain its competitiveness.

These factors may require the specific management solutions like a corporate reorganization or audit to examine the administrative, economic, and fiscal management.

Hence arises the importance of due diligence.

Indeed the process of due diligence is a detailed and rigorous investigation, examination and collection of info that enables the company to reach an advanced and exceptional legal certainty, because it brings the true diagnosis of a company's situation. Similar to the patient who never made a closer examination of his health and after performing the recommended tests discovers he has a terminal disease is what happens with companies that neglect on its management and whose reflection in loss of competitiveness may even become bankruptcy.

Accordingly, the due diligence will diagnose any contingencies, internal and external factors, and will also predict future risks, which may influence the management and efficiency strategies of the company.

It is extremely recommended to hire a team of legal accounting consultants able to analyze the relevant Business Law, Consumer Protection Law, Environmental Law, Labor Law, Social Security Law and Tax Law, mainly because those are hazardous areas of business management.

As seen in the competitive construction market which urges current and modern businesses to keep up with legal certainty, a company must be aware of the definitive need to implement due diligence management in its schedules. Reason why we are prepared to assist with your business organization.


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