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Importation to Brazil

The laws and regulations of the Brazilian Government control the goods that are operated beyond borders.

The foreign trade transactions are governed by the Brazilian Government with the help of an arranged computerized system that is known by its name, SISCOMEX. In the year 1993, SISCOMEX’s export part was introduced and then in 2003, it started its import part as well. Since then, SISCOMEX is controlled by the Federal Revenue Secretariat, the Foreign Trade Secretariat (SECEX) and the Central Bank of Brazil. The Federal Revenue Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance administers the customs department.

Debit Recovery

Our firm focuses on the aspects of economic and retail debt collection lawsuits and implementation of any creditor’s rights. Every member of our firm is known for their perseverance and resourcefulness. Our debt collection clients come from various backgrounds that include both large and small enterprises such as finance companies, banks and various other lenders, accountants, legal practitioners, law firms and other professionals, condos, landlords and even individuals.

The matters that involve debt collection cases include the following:

  • Arrears for goods that have already been sold and delivered
  • Debt of rent and condominium common charges and co-op allowance charges
  • Loans, letters of credit, guaranties and other amplifications of credit
  • Attorneys’ fees and any kind of money that has been indebted to accountants and other professionals that also includes consulting bills
  • Different types of litigations that are related to contract
  • Mechanic liens and other problems that are related to numerous other types of claims and
  • Replevin actions

Commercial Debt Collections

We help our retail installment contracts, goods sold and delivered, promissory notes, actions for collection of loans that clients in various types of matters that are related to financial and debt collection issues come under loan agreements and arising out of secured undertakings. We take action by applying for judgments opposing business owners as well as third parties on personal agreements of corporate arrears.


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