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"May excellence be achieved on the basis of sacrifice, perseverance and humility"

Our Belém Law Firm is a law enforcement agency dedicated to the all legal matters involved in Belém city. In turn, our Attorneys in Belém are specialized in providing advice and legal action in smart way, bringing excellent results to our clients. Our Belém Lawyers offer all that is essential for both individuals and companies.

Our Lawyers in Belém offers its clients a direct and exclusive deal, achieving a relationship of trust necessary to obtain the results marked from the beginning. Our Legal Advisors in Belém are a clear reference to the request for any type of advice and management, under the terms and commitments acquired with the client. Our Belém Attorney Firm provide our services before any judicial body from all over the national territory. If you are looking for high skill Lawyers in Belém, please contact us.


Our Family Attorneys in Belém Mastering an area in the field is essential to obtain the best results, because it refreshes "as much as it includes a little".

The family law, including the marriage law, regulates:

The constitution of the family. The marriage, stable unions and single parent families.
Relationships between spouses, both personal and patrimonial, and between people and people.

Precisely, the issues in the family, different from other sectors of the law, in the end generally ending once a sentence has been ratified by a successful mutual, because we cannot forget that the life that we left behind is with the same partner as there is near it. my life continues in relation to our children and we have to take into account all the circumstances that in a future may arise in relation to measures of an economic nature or of a different nature (new affective relationships, changes of complexion, new kids, future university studies of the children in common…).

The difference between a good and bad subject is crucial for us not to face excessive problems and subsequent expenses.

Our Belém Family Attorneys value a lot of our work, we treat all our subjects with authentic care and why in the decree, with care, taking into account all the peculiarities of the same and the anticipated, including everything that could happen in the future (we reject it in full) standard demands and agreements). Each situation is unique and it has to be studied in all points to achieve perfection and to avoid diffuse situations.

In addition to the legal work, Our Belém Family Lawyers cannot avoid the great importance of the psychological component, the marital crisis in difficult and uncomfortable situations, and in our dispatch on the ground we have lived from the legal level, if not also on the personal level.

Our Family Lawyers in Belém are specialized in Family Law with many years of experience.


Our Business Attorneys in Belém trained at international level, have consulted in these last years with numerous foreign investors, interested in establishing the expansion of its existing business in Belém. Our Belém Corporate Attorneys bring knowledge and experience together with a sense of commitment to be able to offer you the best guidance and advice possible in all aspects related to the company's business running in Belém. Our Corporate Attorneys in Belém know the complex that could be entering a foreign market because we are at your disposal to answer all your questions and offer you the necessary tools for the process to be successful. As you deposit your trust in us, you can be sure that your legal and administrative needs will be met, so we must only focus on growing and expanding your business.

Our Belém Business Lawyers will ensure that establishing a new business is at the disposal of appropriate documentation and even with the expert collaboration of other professionals who may be required as economists, notaries, etc. If you plan to buy a company that is selling in Belém, our Business Lawyers in Belém will inspect your financial states as well as all those documents that are pertinent to ensure that you acquire a profitable business. Everything they do is based on the forms they want to operate in the market, they use the goods as an autonomous entrepreneur by means of a company.

Whatever your company needs, if you want to set up a company, set up a branch or register your brand, give it to professionals as a legal representative, a buffet of experts, an expert and a very experienced person from Belém, as a result of consulting with success. to foreign investors and entrepreneurs for more than 20 years in the Brazilian market. Our Belém Attorneys drop your willingness to listen to your questions or business proposals, and guide you in making decisions. Even in the event that it could not personally unfold to carry out any important act, any management with legal repercussions, if we can act by means of a special notarial power, which will allow us to act for these, specific cases, for your greater tranquility.

To obtain more information about corporate services in which our Business Lawyers in Belém can help, contact us.


Our Belém Real Estate Attorneys main added value consists in that we are able to intervene effectively, both judicially and extrajudicially, in any matter related to Real Estate, with the guarantee that I suppose for the client the legal expertise and expert advice of construction professionals.
Real Estate Law is the set of rules that affect immovable property, regulating surveys such as property, real estate, and legal deals on properties: purchase, sale, multi-property, lease, etc. contracts.

It also includes the questions related to the management of immovable assets such as urban licenses, licenses of works or communities of owners, as well as the urban normative.

Our Real Estate Attorneys in Belém, we are pioneers in providing a comprehensive service in the real estate field, especially in international operations, advising foreign clients who want to acquire and explore real estate in state of Para.

Our Belém Real Estate Lawyers expertise in various legal matters that come together in this type of transactions and the profound knowledge of the sector's practices allows us to provide expert advice and quality in the different areas of real estate activity: buy property, barter, lease, promotional and construction contracts, real estate financing, licenses, etc.

In addition, our Real Estate Lawyers in Belém count on the technical support and assistance of engineers, architects and equipment with extensive experience in different construction sectors, both at private and public levels.


Our Belém Immigration Attorneys are experts in all kind of visas as work, Investment in company, investing in real estate, thru marriage, thru kid, thru work or retirement and also Brazilian nationality, Our Immigration Attorneys in Belém can offer you a favorable sea expedition in the shortest possible time. From the whole country of Brazil, every day we help people who, like you, want to obtain Brazilian nationality, the Golden Visa thru Investing 1 Million Reais in a Real Estate in Brazil is set to continue growing and developing their projects in Brazil.

Trust Belém's best-selling foreign languages
Our Belém Visa Attorneys have a deep understanding of the immigration law to make sure that the foreign expedition is favorable in the shortest time possible.
Our Visa Attorneys in Belém are expert in Brazilian Citizenship. For that reason, Our Belém Immigration Lawyers have enough experience to provide legal advice on immigration and accompaniment throughout the entire Brazilian nationality procedure.

So, if you are in Belém or state of Para and you need help with Immigration as a possibility for you, ask for an online appointment with our team of foreign lawyers from Brazil. We are sure that we can help.

Experienced Belém Advisers in immigration and foreign affairs for:

Highly Qualified Professionals
Student visas and study prorogates
Residency for practices
Residence permit and work
Renovation of residence card
Family reunification
Home for inverters
Social, family and labor roots
Long-term permanent residence
Brazilian Citizenship  

Legal assistance of Immigration for companies
Our Immigration Belém Attorneys have created a network of professionals to offer a comprehensive legal, tax, labor, accounting and financial advisory service to companies and independent professionals. If you are looking for high skill Immigration Lawyers in Belém, please contact us.

Our Belém Estate Attorneys are specialized lawyers in Wills, Probate, Inheritance procedures, Guardianship and all related matters.
Belém Estate Lawyers at ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM are specialists in the field of heritages and successions, we carry out any management and processing from wherever you want to go to Brazil. In particular, as hereditary experts, we offer the following services related to inheritance, will and inheritance:
Management and advice during the testamentary process of his inheritance (notary procedure, inscription of goods and rights).
Tax planning of taxes that surrounds the donation the Inheritance.
Fair share of inheritance:
Division and award of hereditary goods among all the inheritors with the right.
Judicial division of the inheritance, agreed or tested partitions.
Information and advice in case of waiver of inheritance.
Complaints of legitimate, voluntary omission or ignorance.
Request for Certificates of Defunctions and Latest Volunteers.
Sworn translation of documents. Our Inheritance Attorneys in Belém carry out the legal translation of your documents issued in foreign languages, in any language.
Writing and preparation of wills, as well as rendering of Belém Estate legal services.
Our Estate Lawyers in Belém, advise on inheritances, successions and donations.
In addition, our Belém Inheritance Attorney advise on the management of contingency charges and necessary donations, offering advice on the regularization of your fiscal situation.
Our Estate Legal Advisors take care of everything related to heredity and testament so that you don't have to worry about this theme, both if you accept an inheritance, as well as to elaborate a testament from which your volunteer reflects on matters of inheritance. Let us know all the successive legislation that exists, as well as the particularities of the different Autonomous Communities.
As Belém Legal expert in donations, we will work so that, in case of controversy in the hereditary procedure, you can obtain what belongs to you, as well as informing you of the possibility of complaining so that the legitimate claim of inheritance can be recognized.
Our Probate Lawyers in Belém have a department formed by specialized lawyers in matters of inheritance, succession and donation.                                              
Highly specialized Belém Tax Lawyers, proven experience as Brazilian Tax Law Firm and a work discipline based on deep knowledge of the regulation and interpretation of the right on the basis of a leading team in the market. Our Tax Lawyers in Belém are a team specialized in the most complex matters of taxation.

Our Belém Tax Attorneys provide a multidisciplinary advisory service to large corporations, financial entities, investment funds and private equity, reference shareholders of large companies and family groups.

Our Tax Attorneys in Belém have international orientation that allows us to advise any client with an international presence in a Brazilian context, with a special focus on the Brazilian market.

With the commitment of the direct involvement of our partners, Belém Tax Attorneys advise on national and international operations, legally complex and with a tax component:

Merger and Acquisition and financing operations
Tax procedures
Transfer fees and fees with the tax administration
Taxation of family businesses and large assets

If you are looking for high skill Tax Lawyers in Belém, please contact us.


Our Belém Criminal Attorneys are specialists, especially in the framework of the Criminal Law and, for that reason, can provide the attention and advice that needs time to solve any question related to the Criminal Law in Belém.

Our Belém Criminal Lawyers are those Attorneys whose scope of action and knowledge is advise functions, defense and prosecution in matters related to the Criminal Law and its jurisdiction.

Our Criminal Attorneys in Belém are specialized in the application and interpretation of the Criminal Law.

The team of specialized Belém lawyers in criminal law provides advice to companies and individuals on matters of criminal law such as:

Defense and Accusation for Our Penal Lawyers in Any Kind of Misdemeanor or Misdemeanor
Defense in criminal courts
Defense in court with a judge
Defense in juvenile courts
Assistance to the police and the police
Criminal prosecution:
Private Accusation and Popular Accusation
Economic crimes, crimes against people, trafficking crimes, robots, domestic violence, crimes against honor; and any matter of criminal law that is of your interest
Request of the third penitentiary
Conditional release request
Assistance before Courts: Instructional Courts, Criminal Courts, Provincial Courts, Superior Courts of Courts, Courthouse, National Courthouse, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court
Provisional release petition
Within the scope of the action of the penal lawyers, the representation and defense before courts, court hearings and even the criminal commissions are included. The crimes and failures of those who defend the Penal Lawyers are found in the Penal Code.

In it, one of our penal lawyers in Belém will be in charge of studying your case and advising you on your possibilities regarding the demand that you want to make.

Our Criminal Lawyers in Belém enjoy high qualification and treat each case in a personalized way. This is the only way to guarantee your satisfaction in time to face your criminal case in Belém and the rest of estate of Para.



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