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Our Belo Horizonte Attorneys offer every and each client with the maximum expert legal service which might be complex, intricate, and evolving. Whether you propose to use for any service we provide, our Belo Horizonte Attorney is continually right here for you. Our Attorneys in Belo Horizonte welcome clients of all backgrounds and make certain private expertise of every client’s needs. Our Belo Horizonte Lawyers diligently comply with all legal trends to make certain our clients have the best probabilities for success. For your comfort our lawyers in Belo Horizonte provide assistance in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. If you are looking for successful Lawyers in Belo Horizonte, please contact us.
It tends to be troublesome finding a talented and experienced Belo Horizonte Business Attorney. Our Attorneys in Belo Horizonte are committed to making different parts of your business run all the more easily, which incorporate every single legitimate help. The business world is vigorously needy upon gets that can be handily perceived. Our Belo Horizonte Lawyer are talented at drafting gets that serve an assortment of business and authoritative requirements. Agreements composed by our Legal Advisors in Belo Horizonte utilize clear and compact terms with respect to whatever needs a customer may have. Our Law Firm in Belo Horizonte likewise gives advising in regards to dealings and contracts and is set up to energetically advocate for the privileges of clients. If you are looking for successful Lawyers in Belo Horizonte, please contact us.


Our Belo Horizonte Marriage Attorney perform or validate your civil marriage in Brazil.

Our Attorneys in Belo Horizonte provide an outsourced service assisting foreigners to get married in Brazil, to subsequently apply for their residence visa in Brazil.

A pioneer in the field, our Family Attorneys in Belo Horizonte assist clients present in Brazil or thru power of attorney the clients that are outside Brazil. Our Belo Horizonte Law Firm provide complete advice on your wedding, be it at the Marriage Notary, where neither the bride and groom nor the witnesses need to leave the house, as they provide all the documentation.

Our Belo Horizonte Attorneys provide the service that is personalized online to the bride and groom who want to get married or who wish to register the wedding in Brazil and at the same time clarifies all doubts about documentation, property regime, etc.

And what would be the importance of proper legal records? If done at the right time, future legal disputes can be prevented with regard to family wealth. If you are looking for successful Family Lawyers in Belo Horizonte, please contact us.

If you are thinking about living in Belo Horizonte or Brazil, we can assist you with accomplishing your objective. Brazilian Immigration law permits non- Brazilians to live in Brazil permanently and you are very welcome. Our Belo Horizonte Visa Attorneys can assist and apply your permanent visa. Our Immigration Attorneys in Belo Horizonte are high skill. Our Belo Horizonte Immigration law firm, assisted hundreds of individuals and companies since 2003.
‎If you are looking for successful Lawyers in Belo Horizonte to apply your Permanent Visa through Brazilian girlfriend, wife or Brazilian baby, thru a Brazilian company hiring you proving your high skills with diploma, certificates‎ or referral letters that you have minimum 09 years of experience for such job, please contact us.
You also can apply thru real estate visa If you buy or bought on the past the amount of R$1,000,000 reais in a property in Brazil. You also can apply thru invest R$ 500.000 Reais in any kind of company. If you are looking for successful Immigration Attorneys in Belo Horizonte, please contact us.


Our Belo Horizonte Citizenship Attorneys can assist with your citizenship application in Brazil. Employing an attorney for citizenship can almost certainly be the distinction in an affirmed application or one that is denied

Our Belo Horizonte Citizenship Lawyer can prepare your application to become Brazilian citizen then apply your Brazilian Passport, after receive your Brazilian Identity and remain in Brazil between 01 to 04 years, you become eligible to apply citizenship, our Belo Horizonte Citizenship Lawyer can navigate whole system, join all documents, fill all forms and develop strategy for your citizenship be accepted. If you are looking for successful Citizenship Lawyers in Belo Horizonte, please contact us.

Our Specialists Belo Horizonte Attorneys in Real Estate Law have been decisive in ensuring legal certainty in buying and selling, leasing, auctions, repossession and other matters involving real estate.

Buying or selling a property is a delicate operation and requires extreme care. It is very common to have problems in these transactions, with the risk of wasting time and money. Therefore, whether for housing, investment or rental, being able to count on a real estate lawyer is fundamental to avoid problems.
First step is applying your CPF (Brazilian social security number).
Second step is related to our Real Estate assistance that covers full investigation and due diligence against debts in name of the owner and the property to verify property is clean, checking all documents necessary to guarantee a safe transaction, prepare safe agreement between seller and buyer, transfer property for your name, registering in central notary and city hall, coordinate transfer and also represent on closing If you are not in Brazil.

There are several real estate problems that may generate the need to seek justice. Our Belo Horizonte Real Estate Lawyers use the Civil Code and the Consumer Protection Code as the basis for legal resolutions. It is our mission to provide the client with all the legal support to better resolve issues. If you are looking for successful Real Estate Lawyers in Belo Horizonte, please contact us.

Divorce is the legal and definitive breakdown of marriage. The search for a Belo Horizonte Divorce Attorney specialized in divorce is usually marked by two needs: to find a technically competent professional and to find a professional capable of understanding the delicacy and the whole situation involved from the separation, including its emotional, financial and guarding aspects. of children, sharing of assets, among others. The divorce process can happen in different ways. Solutions do not always need to take place through the courts, although there are situations in which it is mandatory. Even in these, a conciliatory performance by our Belo Horizonte Divorce Lawyers can reduce waiting time and, above all, wear and tear. In addition to the divorce being basically divided into two modalities, judicial and extrajudicial, depending on the case, it is possible to file a divorce action together with the request for custody of the children, request for regulation of visits and, even, establishment alimony.

All of this without mentioning the delicacy of the sharing of assets and, at this point, many aspects must be taken into account depending on the type of divorce and the regime of marriage assets.Our Belo Horizonte Attorneys deal with the divorce process on a daily basis and understand that, as in other cases, it is an event that requires special attention, confidentiality and humane and understanding treatment. Inevitably, the divorce will be closely linked to the property regime chosen by the couple when carrying out the wedding. The celebration of the marriage is capable of providing both the affective union of the couple as well as the union of their assets, which may be the assets that existed before or during the marriage.

Thus, our Belo Horizonte Divorce Attorneys advise that the property regime serves not only to regulate how property is managed during marriage, but also serves to define how the property will be shared with divorce. Property regimes are known mainly among three categories: a total separation of goods (voluntary or legal), partial communion, and universal communion of goods. If you are looking for successful Family Lawyers in Belo Horizonte, please contact us.


Our Belo Horizonte Estate Attorneys can assist with estate matters including preparation of wills. The interdiction of the elderly, regardless of the reason, is a subject that causes controversy, divides opinions, generates family conflicts and most of the times brings suffering to both sides. Although the decision is not an easy one, the interdiction, which occurs through a judicial decision, serves to protect the banned person, preserve his assets and give him a better quality of life. In severe cases, interdiction can save the life of the elderly who are at risk.

Guardianship and trusteeship are two institutes that seek to manage the wishes of underage or incapacitated people, permanently or temporarily. Despite some similarities, they are different terms and with different rules.

Guardianship, declared by a judge, is for a child or adolescent to have someone who protects and represents him / her in civil society when necessary. One who receives guardianship is called a guardian.

Our Probate Lawyers in Belo Horizonte inform that the trustee, on the other hand, serves to make someone responsible for an adult or elderly person who is unable to exercise their will. The trustee must also be assigned by a judge and whoever receives the trustee is known as the trustee.

Guardianship is assigned by a judge to someone who is able to protect and manage the life of a child or adolescent declares our Belo Horizonte Estate Lawyers.

It is generally used in cases of orphans or minors whose parents do not have the necessary capacity to manage the life of the child or children advises our Belo Horizonte Estate Law Firm.

The custody can be one-sided, where one parent or guardian is responsible for the child's well-being.

Guardians must also bear the duty. Among them: keeping the child in school, taking care of his health, protecting him and representing him in various aspects of civil life until he is of age.

Shared custody is when two individuals (usually the father and mother, adoptive or not), share responsibility for the child. They must ensure their safety, well-being and education.

The trustee is an institute assigned by a judge. Thus, the so-called curator, manages the goods and wishes of an adult or elderly individual who is unable to exercise his or her wishes. Whether permanent or temporary. If you are looking for successful Estate Lawyers in Belo Horizonte, please contact us.

Our Belo Horizonte Tax Attorney provides services of a judicial and administrative nature, promoting defense in the most diverse areas of the tax sphere. Our law firm works with Tax Law in Belo Horizonte and Brazil in an integrated manner, providing comprehensive legal advice in the field of legislation relevant to taxes levied by federal, state and municipal spheres.

We do not summarize our performance as Belo Horizonte tax lawyers in the field of disputes: we believe in preventive law, focused on planning healthy, safe and financially advantageous practices for our clients.

For this reason, OUR Belo Horizonte Tax Law Firm offer a complete performance service, ranging from strategy planning to judicial and administrative activities themselves. Our experience shows that this is the smartest way to work on Tax Law.

Learn more about our services and understand how the action of a good tax lawyer adds efficiency to companies and individuals. If you are looking for successful Tax Lawyers in Belo Horizonte, please contact us.

Criminal Lawyers in Belo Horizonte specializing in the fight for the right to a broad, fair and effective defense is one that acts with respect and dedication towards the constitutional principles that protect its clients.
Our Belo Horizonte Criminal Attorneys believes that competent defense is the only way to obtain justice, respecting the Brazilian legal system. It is with this care, combined with technical excellence, that we act in each case, with the certainty of offering the best defense for those who choose our service.
Our Belo Horizonte Attorney in Criminal Law act in the defense of the interests of our clients with follow-up in Police Stations, Forums, Research and Criminal Defenses. With personalized service and attentive to the needs of the client, always taking care of the theoretical and practical aspects that involve a criminal defense until the outcome of the case. If you are looking for successful Criminal Lawyers in Belo Horizonte, please contact us.

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