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Our Brasília Lawyers are first of all, a group of people that excels in technical capacity, integrity and an extraordinary desire to understand and serve the client - and serves him well. The experience, knowledge and resources of our Brasília Attorneys, as well as the values ​​we share, reaffirm the commitment we have with our clients, with our team, with the community and, above all, with ourselves.
Our focus on quality starts with people. Our Brasília Lawyers knows that the people who make up our team and the way they conduct themselves are critical decisions and reflect the quality of our work, as well as the effectiveness of our services.
On the same plane, we find the values ​​we share: Integrity, Respect, Professionalism and Teamwork. We believe in these principles as guidelines for our work, in order to influence personal and vital relationships in the quality of delivery of our services.
We recognize our ethical and professional responsibility towards our team, our clients, the Brazilian Bar Association and the Courts we serve. We believe that only with integral relations, guided by ethics, will it be possible to carry out our mission. Our Attorneys in Brasília invest in knowledge, technology and management systems, as we believe they are crucial for the quality of services, without forgetting the experience, determination and entrepreneurial spirit in our work. we give our contributions in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. If you are looking for high skill Brasília attorneys, please contact us.

Many entrepreneurs have to face legal demands in their daily lives, without to count on an employee specialized in Law in its staff. The result is the generation of large liabilities, in the form of indemnity actions, labor claims, fines, among other penalties. In such cases, it is common for outsourced legal advice to be hired to resolve pending issues. But what would be the advantages of this hiring? Because is it better for your company? Check out its main benefits:
One of the reasons why you may be considering hiring our Brasília Business Attorneys is precisely the high cost of maintaining an employee or a team within the company. In addition to committing to the labor charges of this hiring, when compared to outsourced services, is something that usually is not worth feather. Legal advice provided by our Business Attorneys in Brasília can be provided in a variety of ways, forms, by means of fixed monthly values, for example. This involves constant and complete, depending on the demands that arise within the scope of the company.
2. THIRD PARTY LEGAL ADVICE AND PREVENTIVE ACTION This is perhaps the main benefit of outsourced legal advice: its action preventive. Avoiding lawsuits is much cheaper than having to deal with endless processes, defenses in different instances and sentences of condemnation and indemnity. Act preventively and save. Our Brasília Business Lawyers can help with this.

The area of Labor Law affects almost every type of entrepreneur, because hiring, firing and maintaining employees is part of their routine. It's possible pay monthly legal advice to our Brasília Corporate Law Firm to monitor these employment relationships, resolve doubts and ensure that your company is not generating any labor liabilities for the future.

In addition to labor contracts, legal advisory services can also analyze the
agreements that your company enters into with suppliers, collaborating companies and even consumers! This is a way of ensuring that all clauses are in order and that your business will not be unprotected. Often, these contracts are the main ways of delimiting responsibilities and rights in a business relationship in the courts. Why not make sure that they are they in line with what you expect for your company?

Another advantage of hiring our Brasília Business Attorneys, is the realization of
preventive audits in the daily life of the company. For example, you can check how your company controls the time on cards, in order to avoid future liabilities, undue overtime, etc. In addition, preventive audits can point to new ways to deal with the company tax regime, provided that they are more advantageous and beneficial to financial health of the enterprise. The purpose of these actions in the company is to point out the most common and present viable solutions, preventively. If you are looking for high skill Business Lawyers in Brasília, please contact us.

Our Brasília Marriage Attorney perform or approve your common marriage in Brazil.
ALVES JACOB Brasília Law Firm has developed a QUALIFIED LISTENING, which consists of knowing how to listen with empathy and to capture the points of legal relevance.
In the consultation, our Brasília Family Lawyers realize what is sensitive and important to the person. Our Family Attorneys in Brasília look with perspective, in order to THINK STRATEGIES, make legal abstractions and foresee movements to be used in approaching the case.
Our Family Attorneys in Brasília, deliver a service that strives for QUALITY, always up to date with legal and technological innovations, as well as connected with other related areas (Psychology, Accounting, etc.).
Our relationship with the client is marked by AVAILABILITY. We act personally in each situation; our Brasília Law Firm seek transparency and client involvement in the manifestations of your case.
After a first contact, you will notice that we are BOLD and fearless when it comes to being the client's voice in his search for justice.
A pioneer in the field, our Marriage Attorneys in Brasília help clients present in Brazil or through power of attorney clients that are outside Brazil. We give total counsel on your wedding, be it at the Marriage Public notary, where neither the lady of the hour and lucky man nor the observers need to take off from the house, as they give all the documentation. If you are looking for high skill Business Lawyers in Brasília, please contact us.

Our Immigration Lawyers in Brasília advises in the event that you are contemplating living in Brasília or whole country of Brazil, we can help you with achieving your goal. Brazilian Immigration Attorneys help non-Brazilians to live in Brazil for all time and you are very welcome. Our Brasília Visa Attorney can help and apply your lasting visa. We are high ability Brasília Immigration law office, helped many people and organizations since 2003.
‎You can apply through Brazilian girlfriend, spouse or Brazilian infant, through a Brazilian organization recruiting you demonstrating your high abilities with confirmation, certificates‎ or reference letters that you have least 09 years of involvement for such work.
You additionally can apply through Real Estate visa in the event that you purchase or purchased on the past the measure of R$1,000,000 reais in a property in Brazil. You likewise can apply through put R$ 500.000 Reais in any sort of organization. Our Immigration Lawyers in Brasília also advises that non-Brazilians can own properties and have equal rights as Brazilians. If you are looking for high skill Immigration Lawyers in Brasília, please contact us.

Brasília Citizenship Attorneys can guide and help with you with your citizenship application in Brazil. Utilizing our talented and experienced Brasília Immigration Lawyers for citizenship may decides If your application will be accepted or denied.
Our Brasília Citizenship Lawyer can set up your application to become Brazilian resident at that point apply your Brazilian Visa, after get your Brazilian Identification and stay in Brazil between 01 to 04 years, you become qualified to apply citizenship, our Brasília Citizenship Lawyer can explore entire framework, join all archives, fill all structures and create methodology for your citizenship be acknowledged. If you are looking for high skill Citizenship Lawyers in Brasília, please contact us.


Brasília Real Estate Attorney has been definitive in guaranteeing legitimate assurance in purchasing and selling, renting, sell-offs, repossession and different issue including land.
Purchasing or selling a property is a fragile activity and requires extraordinary consideration. It is basic to have issues in these exchanges, with the danger of sitting around and cash. Thusly, regardless of whether for lodging, speculation or rental, having the option to rely on a land attorney is principal to dodge issues.
Initial step is applying your CPF (Brazilian government backed retirement number).
Second step is identified a Brasília Real Estate Attorney that can help navigate on the system and  covers full examination and due diligence against obligations in name of the proprietor and the property to confirm property is perfect, our Brasília Real Estate Lawyers check all records important to ensure a protected exchange, get ready safe understanding among vender and purchaser, move property for your name, enlisting in focal legal official and city corridor, organize move and furthermore address on shutting on the off chance that you are not in Brazil.
There are a few land issues that may create the need to look for equity. Our Real Estate Lawyers in Brasília utilize the Common Code and the Buyer Insurance Code as the reason for legitimate goals. It is Brasília Real Estate Attorneys central goal to furnish the client with all the lawful help to all the more likely determination issues. If you are looking for high skill Real Estate Lawyers in Brasília, please contact us.

Divorce is the legitimate and conclusive breakdown of marriage. The quest for a Brasília Divorce Attorney worked in separate is normally set apart by two requirements: to discover an in fact able expert and to track down an expert equipped for understanding the delicacy and the entire circumstance required from the division, including its passionate, monetary and guarding viewpoints of kids, sharing of resources, among others. The separation cycle can occur in an unexpected way. Arrangements don't generally have to happen through the courts, in spite of the fact that there are circumstances wherein it is compulsory. Indeed, even in these, a placating execution by our Brasília Divorce Lawyers can lessen holding up time and, most importantly, mileage. Notwithstanding the separation being fundamentally isolated into two modalities, legal and extrajudicial, contingent upon the case, it is feasible to record a separation activity along with the solicitation for authority of the kids, demand for guideline of visits and, even, foundation divorce settlement.
The entirety of this without referencing the delicacy of the sharing of resources and, now, numerous perspectives should be considered relying upon the sort of separation and the system of marriage resources. Our Brasília Divorce Attorneys manage the separation interaction consistently and get that, as in different cases, it is an occasion that requires extraordinary consideration, privacy and others conscious and getting treatment. Definitely, the separation will be firmly connected to the property system picked by the couple when completing the wedding. The festival of the marriage is fit for giving both the emotional association of the couple just as the association of their resources, which might be the resources that existed previously or during the marriage.
In this manner, our Brasília Divorce Lawyers exhort that the property system serves not exclusively to control how property is overseen during marriage, yet additionally serves to characterize how the property will be imparted to separate. Property systems are known principally among three classes: a complete detachment of merchandise (deliberate or legitimate), halfway fellowship, and general fellowship of products. If you are looking for high skill Divorce Lawyers in Brasília, please contact us.


Succession planning is the mechanism for organizing and structuring early “interventions” in the succession process, with the objective of ensuring that the “causa mortis” equity transfer is less traumatic, more efficient and quicker, and at a cost of legal and tax operationalization. less for those involved. In addition, it allows the structuring and perpetuity of family heritage. Corporate planning based on the establishment of a family holding company is very smart and effective, in addition to bringing huge tax savings to the family. If the process is already or needs to be judicialized, we provide consultancy and legal advice in cases of Inventory and Sharing, Inheritance Petition, Wills and Codicil. Our Brasília Estate Attorneys can help with estate issue including planning of wills. The ban of the old, paying little heed to the explanation, is a subject that causes debate, isolates suppositions, creates family clashes and the vast majority of the occasions carries enduring to the two sides. Albeit the choice is anything but a simple one, the ban, which happens through a legal choice, serves to ensure the restricted individual, save his resources and give him a superior personal satisfaction. In serious cases, prohibition can save the existence of the older who are in danger.
Our Brasília Probate Lawyers advise that Guardianship and trusteeship are two establishments that try to deal with the desires of underage or debilitated individuals, forever or briefly. In spite of certain likenesses, they are various terms and with various standards. If you are looking for high skill Estate Lawyers in Brasília please contact us.


Our Brasília Tax Attorney provide comprehensive legal advice, notably with the defense of the taxpayer's interests in administrative and judicial conflicts against the Federal, State and Municipal Tax Authorities, either to deconstruct illegitimate tax requirements or to recover unduly collected credits. Our Brasília Tax Attorneys also acts in the advisory sphere, with the preparation of technical notes, legal opinions and tax planning, aiming to indicate the format of the business activity or the legal business that is subject to the lowest tax burden (tax avoidance). If you are looking for high skill Brasília Tax Law Firm, please contact us. Discussions related to tax law in Brazil are increasingly complex. For this reason, for each sector of the industry, our tax lawyers in Salvador seeks the best tax solutions and planning to make companies more economically profitable and prevent problems that may generate liabilities.
In practice, a tax law attorney in Brasília has his practice based on the analysis of tax laws, seeking lawful solutions that enable tax savings making the company more efficient in the market.
Our tax law office in Brasília has highly competent professionals to work in both advisory and litigation areas.
A tax attorney in Brasília can assist you with consultancy for the following activities:
Tax planning;
Support in mapping and analyzing the different tax models to be adopted in infrastructure projects;
Analysis of the financial market from a tax point of view, identifying the best path to be followed for each type of operation;
Monitoring of inspection and defense in the administrative scope;
Risk assessment of questions and how to prepare for a scenario of litigation with the tax authorities;
Due diligence in mergers and acquisitions.
A litigious tax lawyer, on the other hand, provides the following services:
Monitoring of cases, following a strict legal technique in order to minimize or eliminate the legal risk of convictions;
Guidance in the face of problems of proof or regularization of tax issues and possible tax debts. If you are looking for high skill Tax Lawyers in Brasília, please contact us.
Our Brasília Criminal Lawyers work in the battle for the privilege to a wide, reasonable and viable guard is one that acts with deference and commitment towards the sacred rules that secure its clients.
Our Brasília Criminal Attorneys accept that able guard is the best way to get equity, regarding the Brazilian overall set of laws. It is with this consideration, joined with specialized greatness, that we act for each situation, with the sureness of offering the best guard for the individuals who pick our administration.
Our Brasília Lawyer in Criminal Law act in the safeguard of the interests of our customers with follow-up in Police headquarters, Gatherings, Exploration and Criminal Protections. With customized administration and mindful to the requirements of the customer, continually dealing with the hypothetical and down to earth angles that include a criminal guard until the result of the case. If you are looking for high skill Criminal Lawyers in Brasília, please contact us.

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