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It is known that the tourist visa is intended for those who come to Brazil on a visit or recreational basis, with no immigration purpose. It authorizes the stay in the National Territory for a maximum of 90 (ninety) days, extendable only once, for the same period, provided that it is requested to the Federal Police Department before the expiry of the period of validity of the visa granted abroad.

Valid for up to 5 (five) years, depending on the reciprocity with the country of nationality of the bearer, the tourist visa provides the possibility of multiple entries into the country. Each stay cannot exceed 180 (one hundred and eighty) days per year.

All foreigners who wish to stay in Brazil for a longer period must apply for a tourist visa extension. It is advisable to consult the necessary requirements for obtaining it in advance, as the process takes a few days to complete.

Visas are granted to foreigners who come to Brazil for diplomatic, official, tourist trips, visits to friends and family, business, participation in sporting and artistic events, as well as attendance at international seminars and conferences.


Short-Term Tourist and Business Travel Visa

Tourist visas are intended for recreational or visiting trips, without immigration purpose, therefore, the exercise of remunerated activity is prohibited. This visa provides multiple entries, with non-stays exceeding ninety days, extendable for another ninety days, provided that, in the period of 12 months, not to exceed a maximum of one hundred and eighty days.

The extension of the tourist visa must be requested within the period of stay, and may be reduced or canceled, at the discretion of the Ministry of Justice, and transformation into a permanent visa is prohibited. Both in the extension and in the transformation of the visa to permanent, the request must be formulated within the period of stay granted, since article 38, of Law nº 6.815/80, prohibits the legalization of the stay of the clandestine or irregular foreigner, in which case he must leave national territory and apply for a new visa abroad.

It is also incumbent upon the Department to decide requests for extension of stay for foreigners holding temporary visas on a cultural trip or study mission, as well as requests for transformation into permanent visas, when applicable. As for the case of temporary visas for tourists on a business trip or as an artist or sportsman, the competence lies with the Federal Police. The tourist visa is valid for up to five years, fixed within reciprocity criteria.

A foreigner who intends to enter the national territory may be granted a visa:

I - transit;

II - tourist;

III - temporary;

IV - permanent;

V - courtesy;

VI - officer; It is

VII - diplomatic.

Single paragraph. The visa is individual and its concession may be extended to legal dependents.

The requirements for obtaining the entry visas provided for in this Law will be established in regulations.

Possession or ownership of assets in Brazil does not grant the foreigner the right to obtain a visa of any kind, or authorization to remain in the national territory.

A visa will not be granted to a foreigner:

I - minors under 18 (eighteen) years of age, unaccompanied by their legal guardian or without their express authorization;

II - considered harmful to public order or national interests;

III - previously expelled from the country, unless the expulsion has been revoked;

IV - convicted or prosecuted in another country for an intentional crime, subject to extradition under Brazilian law; or

V - that does not meet the health conditions established by the Ministry of Health.

The transit visa may be granted to foreigners who, in order to reach the country of destination, have to enter national territory.

The transit visa is valid for a non-extendable stay of up to 10 (ten) days and a single entry.

A transit visa will not be required from a foreigner on a continuous trip, which is only interrupted for mandatory stopovers of the means of transport used.

The tourist visa may be granted to foreigners who come to Brazil for recreation or visits, thus considering those who do not have an immigration purpose or the intention of carrying out a remunerated activity.

The tourist visa may, alternatively, be requested and issued electronically, in accordance with the regulations. (Included by Law No. 12,968 of 2014)

The visa requests referred to in § 1 will be processed by the Integrated Consular System of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the manner disciplined by the Executive Branch. (Included by Law No. 12,968 of 2014)



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