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Our Real Estate Lawyers in Brazil can assist and apply your permanent visa. We are high skill law firm, assisting hundreds of individuals and companies since 1997.

We provide all steps in property acquisition, title validation, contract drafting, money remittance, registration of investment in Brazilian Central bank, POA drafting, acting as proxy in the closing.

Buy minimum R$1,000,000 Brazilian reais in a property in Brazil.

First step is applying your CPF (Brazilian social security number).

Second step is related to our Real Estate assistance that covers full investigation and due diligence against debts in name of the owner and the property to verify property is clean, checking all documents necessary to guarantee a safe transaction, prepare safe agreement between seller and buyer, transfer property for your name, registering in central notary and city hall, coordinate transfer and also represent on closing If you are not in Brazil.

Since the end of November 2018, those who buy property in the country can apply for authorization to reside

Thinking of attracting the eyes of foreigners who are thinking of living in the country, Brazil decided to bet on a successful alternative in other countries and that facilitated the departure of Brazilians interested in living abroad.

Since the end of November, foreigners who buy a property in the country have the right to request a residence permit, an alternative very similar to the so-called “gold visa” that exists to facilitate the process of moving to other countries, such as Portugal.

In Brazil, the minimum investment in finished or under construction properties is divided by regions. Whoever chooses the states of the North and Northeast regions will have to pay R $ 700 thousand, while in the other regions the value will have to be at least R $ 1 million. This rule is valid for both residential and commercial properties, but only for urban properties, without including rural properties.

For immigrants to be entitled to a two-year provisional authorization, investment in real estate must be validated by a national bank. The term established as provisional serves to ensure that the property is being preserved and remains with the same owner. After that, the authorization becomes permanent.

Are you a foreigner and want to acquire a property in Brazil? Here's how to do it!

People from other countries who invest in Brazilian housing are allowed to live here     

It is common to find foreigners who buy real estate in Brazil, either for investment or to have a vacation apartment, as is often the case in prime areas of Rio de Janeiro. This is because it is not necessary to be Brazilian or have a permanent residence in the country to be entitled to the acquisition - registration with the Individual Taxpayer Register (CPF) is sufficient.

The CPF number is mandatory. To achieve this, a person from another country needs a passport or the National Registry of Foreigners (RNE), original birth certificate accompanied by a translation into Portuguese, made by a sworn translator, and authenticated by the Brazilian consulate in the country of origin. If married, the buyer must also present the documents of the wife or husband.

A foreigner cannot acquire property in Brazil via real estate financing, unless he has the definitive RNE or is naturalized.

Having a bank account in the country is only allowed to those who have a permanent visa, temporary for more than 12 months and those who live here for work. Without a bank account, the amount that the foreigner can transfer and withdraw in Brazil is insufficient to purchase property, so that possibility is ruled out.

The foreigner can make a proxy to a Brazilian to acquire a property.

The foreigner can make a power of attorney to a Brazilian, by means of a public notary's instrument, granting powers to buy, sign deed, private contracts. The power of attorney must be legalized at the Brazilian consulate of the foreigner's country of origin.

Since the end of November 2018, the foreigner who buys a property in Brazil can apply for a residence permit. “The change can put Brazil in a group of countries that benefit from foreign investment in a simpler way.


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