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Our Campinas Lawyers are formed by a team of professionals committed to technical excellence, efficiency and dedication to its clients, through prompt, personalized service and guided by ethical principles. Our Attorneys in Campinas are formed by lawyers with expertise in the most diverse areas of law, namely, Business Law, Tax Law, Real Estate Law, Intellectual Property, International Law and Digital Law. To support the service to our clients, our Campinas Legal Advisors have a modern and efficient demand management system, allowing clients to have access to the report of their legal cases and suggestions for compliance measures that bring more efficient and adequate actions to the work routines. Our Lawyers in Campinas are focused on meeting the immediate needs of our customers and partners, always attentive to the emergence of new opportunities and ways of developing the business under our responsibility, in addition to presenting risk mitigation measures specific to their activities.


Family law is the branch of law that contains legal rules related to the structure, organization and protection of the family. Branch that deals with family relationships and the obligations and rights arising from those relationships, that is, it is the branch of law that regulates and establishes the norms of family coexistence.

When there are minors involved in the demands, our Family Attorneys in Campinas always consider the dynamics of the family relationship and we value social pacification to ensure that children's interests are preserved. This practice has been shown to be beneficial to all involved, allowing greater family integration with less interference from the State. Acting in all instances, including in higher courts, our Campinas Family Lawyers have Family Law as its one of the main areas of ​​practice.

Among the actions in this area that we sponsor, we can highlight:

Prenuptial Pact Separation of bodies Food / pension Parent pension Parent and consensual divorce; Sharing of shares Business quotas Sharing annulment Wedding annulment; Stable union; Homoaffective union; Guardianship and guardianship; Unilateral custody; Shared custody; Recognition of affiliation (Biological and socio-affective); of birth; Change of name by socially known surname and change of surname; Views of minors and older people with disabilities Elderly; Inclusion of surname of stepfather or stepmother; Loss of family power (destitution of the fatherland) Family property; Assisted reproduction; Moral and material damage due to affective abandonment; Mutiparenthood; Request for foreign homologation; International guard of minors; International adoption of minors; Judicial authorization for travel abroad; Inventory and sharing of assets located abroad; Divorce and stable union abroad;


Business law is a branch of private law that can be understood as the set of disciplinary rules for the business activity of the entrepreneur, and of any natural or legal person, destined for purposes of an economic nature, provided that it is customary and directed to the production of goods or services. conducive to equity or profitable results, and to exercise it with the “company” rationality, being a special branch of private law. It covers a wide range of subjects, including the obligations of businessmen, business companies, special trade agreements, credit securities, intellectual property, among others.
Relying on its team of lawyers for personalized service, the multidisciplinary team formed to meet the demands of clients, individual or legal entity, our Business Attorneys in Campinas acts directly in preventive consultancy, providing consultations, opinions, drafting contracts, as well as acting in litigation and conflict solutions, with emphasis on the following services:

Our Campinas Business Attorneys Legal Advice:

* Elaboration and analysis of contracts, with emphasis on commercial contracts, social contracts for incorporation of companies, Bylaws of entities;
* Elaboration and analysis of commercial and commercial contracts, of different modalities and segments;
* Preparation of technical opinions and legal opinions on conflicts in the corporate area;
* Negotiation of commercial contracts;
* Direct performance in the third sector, with advice from non-profit entities;
* Advisory and litigation in the areas of Labor Law and Process, focused on business activity, seeking cost optimization and operational organization.

Our Campinas Business Attorneys Dispute Solution:

* Representation of clients in legal claims for liquidation of company, determination of assets and related to commercial and commercial contracts.
* Proposition of actions for the dissolution of commercial companies and calculation of assets;
* Specialized in contractual, disciplinary disputes, involving business related to commercial and corporate contracts;
* Performance for personalized clients in labor claims.


Real estate law does not just protect real estate, it protects the dreams of people who have fought for their property for years. Consult a law firm truly dedicated to real estate law ".

Our Campinas Real Estate Lawyers team is composed of specialized professionals, capable of guiding our clients on the legal aspects related to the theme and has extensive experience in structuring real estate ventures and businesses, including:

Real Estate Attorneys in Campinas provide Legal advice on various types of real estate transactions and businesses;
Structuring of real estate projects, preparation and implementation of the most appropriate corporate structure for projects of this nature;
Preparation of opinions related to Real Estate Law.
Documentation analysis;
Drafting of contracts;
Purchase and sale commitments;
Assistance in real estate purchase and sale transactions, as well as real estate due diligence;
Drafting and reviewing purchase and sale contracts, lease and lease of real estate, donation and exchange contracts, among others;


When does an immigrant have the right to stay in Brazil?

Our Campinas Immigration Lawyers advises that: a foreigner who wants to live in Brazil has several ways to obtain a permanent visa, which leaves him in a legal situation in the country. One is to get married or prove a stable relationship (live together) with a Brazilian. Homo-affective relationships are also accepted. There is no minimum time required to apply for a permanent visa after "yes", unlike other countries, such as the United States, which establish one to three years for the release of the right.

Having a child born in Brazil also gives the father, mother or both the right to stay in the national territory. And whoever proves that he intends to invest here also wins his visa. For that, it is necessary to prove a minimum investment of 150 thousand reais, a value established by normative resolution No. 84 of the National Immigration Council. Our Citizenship Attorneys in Campinas can help with that.

A foreigner with a permanent visa has the same rights as Brazilians, such as access to health and education services in Brazil, in addition to being able to open a company, bank account, obtain a driver's license, among others. He just cannot vote, nor can he stand for political office. Our Campinas Citizenship Attorneys can help with Naturalization in Brazil.

Compared to other countries in the world, especially Europeans, Brazil is very welcoming and is more in line with the recent guidelines of the Human Development Report of the United Nations Development Program, released this week. The report shows the advantages that migration brings to countries, such as stimulating productivity.

Not only does the government view foreigners with good eyes, but the Brazilian is also sympathetic to them, in the expert's opinion. It is fantastic to see the support that the people give to foreigners even in an irregular situation. In the center of São Paulo, there are schools and hospitals that serve this population without questioning documents, but provide care for humanity. If you need a high skill Immigration Attorney in Campinas, please contact us.

What are the advantages of hiring a lawyer to carry out the inventory?
After the death of a loved one, it is necessary to open an inventory to share assets with the heirs. Legal support at this time is essential so that the heirs do not incur a fine for noncompliance with deadlines for opening the inventory or collecting the tax. Our Campinas Probate attorneys specialize in analyzing the share to be shared with each of the heirs, informing all necessary documentation and streamlining bureaucratic procedures.
Our Campinas Estate Attorneys specialize in inheritance law and its professionals are able to provide information in order to ensure security in the sharing of assets of the deceased.
Concern for heritage accompanies us throughout our lives. Our Campinas Inheritance Lawyer study, work and analyze whole scenario to give best advice.
It can be clarified now that the great advantage of making a will is linked to the fact that the person leaves his will for the after death registered. Thus, many problems (usually related to family members) can be avoided in long inventory processes. If you are looking for a high skill Campinas Estate Lawyers, please contact us.


Strategic tax consultancy in search of efficiency for your business. Administrative and judicial defense in tax litigation. Theses for reducing the tax burden and recovering credits.
Our Campinas Tax lawyers offer a complete portfolio of tax solutions to its clients, from preventive guidance and consultancy to legal action, always with the objective of avoiding or solving any and all problems related to taxes, fees and contributions.
Our Campinas Tax Lawyers offer:
Challenges in assessments in the Judicial and Administrative Spheres
Tax Planning
Tax Debt Renegotiations
Contestation of the Requirement of Taxes, Fees and Taxes
General Tax Recovery and Judicial Compensation
Annulment Actions
Advice on Tax Incentives
Monitoring of Administrative Proceedings before the Tax and Tax Court and Taxpayers' Councils.
If you looking for high skill Campinas Tax Attorneys, please contact us.


One of the most frequent crimes in Brazil is drug trafficking.

According to a survey carried out by G1, with state governments and courts of law across the country, in 2017, one in three prisoners in the country is responsible for the crime of drug trafficking.

It appears, as a drastic change in the profile of Brazilian prisoners, in a little more than a decade, since most of the prisoners were for crimes against property. Robberies and thefts topped the statistics.

Our Campinas Criminal Attorneys are specialized in Drug Trafficking Criminal Defense, after many years assisting clients with this kind of accusation, we developed high skills.

The drug law fully regulates all narcotics crimes.

Disciplined crimes include:

Size and cultivation for consumption of narcotics (use);
Drug trafficking;
Induction, instigation or assistance for the use of drugs;
Trafficking Association;
Financing of trafficking;
Trafficking informant or collaborator;
For the purposes of this article, we care that we understand the crime provided for in article 33 of the law, the crime of drug trafficking.

Drug trafficking
Drug trafficking
Narcotic Trafficking

The crime of drug trafficking is provided for in article 33 of drug law 11.343 / 06, in verbis.

"Art. 33. Import, export, ship, prepare, produce, manufacture, acquire, sell, exhibit for sale, offer, keep in deposit, transport, bring with you, store, prescribe, minister, deliver for consumption or supply drugs, even if free of charge, without authorization or in disagreement with legal or regulatory determination:

Penalty - imprisonment from 5 (five) to 15 (fifteen) years and payment of 500 (five hundred) to 1,500 (one thousand and five hundred) fine days.

1 - Whoever:
I - imports, exports, sends, produces, manufactures, acquires, sells, exhibits for sale, offers, supplies, has in deposit, transports, brings or keeps, even if free of charge, without authorization or in disagreement with legal or regulatory determination, raw material, input or chemical product for the preparation of drugs;

II - sow, cultivate or harvest, without authorization or in disagreement with legal or regulatory determination, of plants that constitute raw material for the preparation of drugs;

III - uses a place or property of any nature that has the property, possession, administration, custody or surveillance, or consents that others use it, even if free of charge, without authorization or in disagreement with legal or regulatory determination, for illicit trafficking drugs.

2nd Induce, instigate or assist someone in the misuse of drugs:
Penalty - imprisonment, from 1 (one) to 3 (three) years, and a fine of 100 (one hundred) to 300 (three hundred) days-fine.

3rd Offer the person in your relationship with drugs, eventually and without profit, to consume together:
Penalty - detention, from 6 (six) months to 1 (one) year, and payment from 700 (seven hundred) to 1,500 (one thousand and five hundred) fine days, without prejudice to the penalties provided for in art. 28.

4o in the crimes defined in the caput and in § 1 of this article, the penalties may be reduced from one sixth to two thirds, the conversion into restrictive rights penalties is forbidden, as long as the agent is primary, with a good record, does not dedicate himself to the activities criminals or join a criminal organization.”
As can be seen in the caput of the article, there are at least 18 verbs. Eighteen typical behaviors and, for the crime to be consummated, it is enough that one of the behaviors materializes.

This article, in addition to disciplining the crime of drug trafficking, in itself, typifies several other conducts, which, in a way, distinguish it from the drug trade, "pure and dry".

This is the case, for example, of §4 of the article.

“Paragraph 4 In the crimes defined in the caput and in Paragraph 1 of this article, the penalties may be reduced from one sixth to two thirds, the conversion into restrictive rights penalties is forbidden, provided that the agent is primary, with a good record, does not dedicate himself criminal activities or join a criminal organization.”

Called privileged trafficking, it differs from “ordinary” trafficking, thus defined in a very crude way.

This is because it favors primary prisoners, who have a good record and who do not engage in criminal activities.

In addition, in the revoked law 6,368 / 76, the expression “narcotic substance or that determines physical or psychic dependence” was used.
If you are looking for a High Skill Criminal Criminal Lawyer in Campinas, please let me help you.



Mr. Alessandro Jacob speaking about Brazilian Law on "International Bar Association" conference

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