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Incorporated in 2003, ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM assists with where you can find Compliance, Due Diligence and Investigation in Brazil.

Our Brazilian Compliance Lawyer offer a full scope of administrations including Due Determination, Business Credit Report, Work Screening, Resource Search, Business Check and Site Examination for various business areas and ventures. With our neighborhood ability and involvement with numerous districts, we convey precise, far reaching and exceptional business knowledge to customers in a split second and straightforwardly, causing them settle on the correct choices and make the best moves.

Our Brazil Investigator works with customers to create imaginative administrations by joining innovation, mastery and industry information. Our serious edges not just incorporate a wide scope of items and geographic inclusion, we additionally give continuous post-deals administrations to ensure each and every need of customers will be completely fulfilled. With our in-house IT division, we have built up the most progressive incorporated framework in the business to gather, measure and break down business and individual data for our different items.

Throughout the long term, we assist with Due Diligence in Brazil and have fabricated a solid customer base - including the world's biggest C.P.A. firms, law offices, venture establishments, business banks, recorded organizations and government specialists - that have been relying on ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM for quality business data in numerous perspectives.

At ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM We help wit Asset search in Brazil, our Brazil compliance and Investigation attorney are focused on assisting customers with building the protected and fair business climate that is built on an establishment of convenient and precise data.

Our Rio de Janeiro compliance attorney assist companies in their risk, liability, prevention and remediation assessments. Alves Jacob Law Firm's multidisciplinary team provides clients with an approach to compliance that goes beyond, antitrust, corporate governance, real estate regulation, mergers and acquisitions, energy regulation, regulation of oil and gas, public and administrative law, infrastructure projects, environmental law, labor law, tax law and etc, we also provide Company search in Brazil since 2003.

Our São Paulo Investigation attorney provide legal advice on:
Consultancy in the Implementation and Review of the Compliance Program. Risk analysis and mapping, according to the nature of the business or operation; conformity assessment in relation to national laws.

Training: Advising companies on the design and implementation of training programs on compliance and updating in relation to compliance standards and ethical conduct; training in Corporate Investigations.

Monitoring: Development and implementation of monitoring policies aimed at preventing fraud and corruption. Participation in internal committees.
Investigation: Corporate investigations related to fraud, property or behavior deviations, corruption, labor issues such as moral and sexual harassment, support for competitive investigations, information security and due diligence in mergers and acquisitions. Representation of shareholders, administrators or directors in internal or external investigations. Compliance with requests and participation in hearings of control bodies.

Asset Location and Recovery: Consulting and coordination of procedures for mapping, locating and recovering assets, both in Brazil and abroad, resulting from fraud and corruption, or as a result of corporate investigations and also to support eventual indemnities or fines.

Administrative Defenses: Expertise in the defense of companies and their directors with control bodies, such as the Ministry of Transparency, Inspection and Comptroller General of the Union (CGU), the Public Prosecutor's Office, CADE and federal, state and municipal courts of accounts, as well as in the signing of Leniency Agreements or Termination of Practices, both in administrative proceedings and in sanctioning measures.

Our São Paulo compliance and Investigation company offers a coordinated arrangement that gives a far reaching perspective on investigation dependent on the most refreshed and exact data. It engages chiefs to get the data so as to settle on the correct choices and make the best moves. At ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM,our Rio de Janeiro compliance attorney will discover an accomplice focused on assisting you with forestalling dangers and fabricate trust.
We also can provide Criminal Records in Brazil, we have all sources and dats to provide accurate informations.

At ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM our compliance Brazil attorney reports and coordinate information from various viewpoints and give top to bottom investigation to help organizations:

  • Spend less time searching for answers and additional time driving vital choices
  • Minimize legitimate liabilities
  • Protect the business by diminishing the danger of fakes
  • Produce quick, far reaching, exact and fair outcomes

To obtain organization's generally modern foundation data. From the wise with authentic records, to secure the exhaustive data with hazard demonstrated.

  • Registration number
  • Registered address
  • Contact information
  • Date of incorporation
  • Registered capital
  • Business scope
  • Staff
  • Shareholder
  • Director
  • Branch and subsidiary
  • Alteration in capital
  • Civil litigation search
  • Supplier and customer (if available)
  • Qualification and Certification
  • Mortgage and charge
  • Financial information (if available)
  • Banking relation (if available)
  • Present situation
  • Site investigation

Individual and Business Mandatory Civil Litigation Report

  • The search covered civil litigation as defendants or plaintiffs at all court levels

Individual and Business Mandatory Criminal Record Search

  • The search covered criminal litigation as defendants at all court levels

Individual and Business Mandatory Winding-up Record Search

  • The search provided Winding-up petitions

Individual and Business Asset Search (Property Ownership)

  • Huge database covered properties owned by the company (both historical & current ownership)

Individual and Business Asset Search (Shareholding Disclosures) This search covered subject's shareholding status in Brazil listed companies.
Individual and Business Irregularity & Disciplinary Action Check

Company Search

  • Annual Return
  • List of directors (Including name, address and Passport's no.)
  • List of shareholders (Including name, address and shares hold)
  • Registered Office
  • Registered Capital
  • Registered Mortgages & Charges
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Ordinary and Special Resolution
  • Subsequent Changes (e.g. change of name, directors & shareholders, etc.)
  • Statutory filing document certified by the Companies Registry

Business Profile Report

  • Registration number
  • Registered address
  • Contact information
  • Date of incorporation
  • Registered capital
  • Shareholders
  • Directors
  • Business scope
  • Civil litigation records

Brazilian Consistence Check  
Individual and Business Site Visit Report

  • Subject's location confirmation
  • Surroundings and transportation Presentation
  • Photo on building standpoint
  • Photo on Subject signage
  • Photo on Subject's premises
  • Operation status and enhancement depiction
  • Estimation of floor space and number of worker
  • Enquiry on month to month rental and the executives expense
  • Credit Rating
  • Background Check
  • Criminal Record
  • Business Credit

Business Credit Report incorporates the most refreshed and exact data from various viewpoints and gives top to bottom investigation to assist organizations with diminishing danger, construct trust and secure exchanges.
Business Credit Report

  • Registration number
  • Registered address
  • Contact information


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