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Our Curitiba Attorneys give a complete scope of master lawful administrations for homegrown and global clients. Our Attorneys in Curitiba are recognized as high skills Lawyers in the whole country of Brazil. Our Curitiba Law Firm ensure, help and address people, organizations and law offices from everywhere the world.
Our Lawyers in Curitiba has shown suffering record which underscores collaboration and a guarantee to greatness. The objective of our Attorneys in Curitiba is to offer financially savvy lawful types of assistance that join our custom of responsibility with the most recent developments in the act of law, we are glad that is a vital justification our prosperity. Our custom of excellent execution executed with pragmatic judgment, remains exceptionally regarded among our companions. Our standing is our most esteemed resource. We are very understanding for our forceful endeavors in acquiring the greatest for our clients. Our Curitiba Attorneys have made its encouraging through its objective of complete client fulfillment.
This incorporates gatherings anyplace and whenever, our Curitiba Lawyers will expeditiously return each call, messages and answer all legitimate inquiries a client may have. Our Curitiba Attorney has effectively addressed hundreds of clients for a long time.

Our Family Attorneys in Curitiba act in the judicial and extrajudicial spheres, in the consensual scope, seeking the prevention and resolution of conflicts, in order to guarantee the client's interests and avoid the emotional distress caused by issues of this nature. Strategies in the litigation sphere, through judicial measures in order to safeguard the right and the best interest of clients.
Consultancy for estate planning, as a way to preserve family relationships and reduce financial losses. Sensitivity, secrecy and respect for the intimacy of those involved.
Our Curitiba Family Attorneys acts on the rights of new family arrangements that have already sprouted and those that are still embryonic in our society.
Divorce and Dissolution of Stable Union; Alimony (fixing, reviewing, exoneration and execution); Guard, Regulation of Visits and other issues related to the exercise of custody and family power, as well as other kinship relationships (biological or affective); Issues related to the various forms of assisted reproduction; Asset Sharing; Patrimonial organization and consultancy regarding the choice of Property Regime; Alteration of the Property Regime;
Stable Union Contract and Pre-nuptial Pact; Interdiction; Change of name or surname; Guardianship and Adoption. If you are looking for a high skill Lawyers  in Curitiba, please contact us.

Our Business Lawyers in Curitiba deal with several company legal procedures, unlike other branches of law, which seek to resolve established legal issues, Corporate Law aims mainly to conduct early business analyzes and build preventive solutions for possible legal disorders.
In Brazil, the main rule dealing with the subject is the Civil Code. In its articles 966 to 1,195, it establishes the main guidelines to be observed by businessmen, mainly with regard to the constitution and management of the company and the rights and duties of the partners.
Business law is a broad and complex branch, especially due to the bureaucracy and the number of laws regarding it in force in Brazil. It deals with topics ranging from tax legislation to Consumer Law, including labor, social security, corporate, exchange, administrative, constitutional and bankruptcy legislation. However, the entrepreneur should not worry about knowing all these topics in depth. The ideal is that you have enough knowledge to position yourself strategically in the face of the market and entrust to a qualified legal professional the matters that require greater technical knowledge. We advise and transact documents of all types in relation to companies, including: Formation and acquisition of new companies; Internal structure in relation to shareholders and directors; Acquisitions and disposals of shares and assets; Commercial agreements (distribution, agency, joint venture, supply, manufacturing, general terms and conditions); Maintenance of intellectual property rights; Human resources counseling and employment documentation; Financial documentation and financing contracts; Insolvency and liquidation. If you are looking for high skill Business Lawyers in Curitiba, please contact us.
Real Estate Attorneys in Curitiba - Legal Advice for Administrators, Real Estate Agents, Builders, Incorporators, Investors and Individuals
Our Curitiba Real Estate Attorneys are active in the real estate sector since 2003, assisting with due diligence in name ow the seller and the property, to find out property is clean and free of debts or executions. Such topics are governed by the most comprehensive provisions of the Brazilian Civil Code, but also by a wide body of complementary special laws.
Our Real Estate Lawyers in Curitiba works in the real estate field with a dynamic attitude and that is why we act as a positive force in all phases of the business in question. The work philosophy must be guided by conflict prevention and legal security, and it is in this spirit that we provide advice, participate in negotiations and take all necessary measures to ensure the tranquility - current and future - of the contractors in relation to the property. Our Real Estate Attorneys in Curitiba are focused on maintaining the spirit of cooperation, on the detailed analysis of the documentary and legal situation of the business, and on the precise elaboration of the respective contracts in the real estate area. Preparation, analysis and review of any and all contracts in the field of Real Estate Business. If you are looking for a high skill Business Lawyers in Curitiba, please contact us.
Our Divorce Attorneys in Curitiba advise about all possibilities of your Divorce, consensual is one in which the breaking of marital ties occurs amicably. In this case, ex-spouses, can only constitute a lawyer to request the court to ratify the agreement made between ex-husband and ex-wife.
Being consensual, the divorce can be done extrajudicially, by mutual agreement, choosing the couple to perform the divorce at the Civil Registry Office, which is a faster procedure. In this model of divorce, the disruption of marital ties must have occurred, it should be reiterated, in a friendly manner, that there should be no underage children or overage children. Litigious divorce is one in which the breaking of marital ties occurs in an unfriendly manner, that is, the couple is in disagreement as to how the marriage will be dissolved and, generally, the controversial points are related to the sharing of assets, use of name, compensatory alimony, custody of children, etc.
Our Divorce Lawyers in Curitiba also provides legal advice and consultancy to defend your interests, which include services for the preliminary separation of bodies, for immediate removal from the conjugal home, search and seizure of minors and property, regulation of the right of visits, plan sharing in a strategic and advantageous way, among other customer needs. If you are looking for a high skill Divorce Lawyers in Curitiba, please contact us.
Our Curitiba Immigration Attorneys are an organization of incorporated answers for the two people and partnerships that require customized administrations in migration, sanctioning of outsiders in Brazil and regularization of reports, relying in an exceptionally qualified group made out of legal advisors and heads with long periods of involvement.
In synchrony with high innovation and along with the incredible relationship kept up in the most different public and worldwide organizations, our Visa Attorneys in Curitiba draw our central goal with an attention on bringing to our clients, accomplices and providers a help in movement with the limit of value and spryness giving them a Personalized Service. Brazil is encountering another transitory situation. In ten years, the quantity of outsiders enlisted by the Federal Police expanded by 160%. Also, in light of this marvel, the option to secure Brazilian identity has vanquished a serious level of interest Thus, an individual can procure the first ethnicity, being viewed as Brazilian conceived. Or then again, the inferred ethnicity, considered Brazilian naturalized. We can provide all kinds of visas in Brazil as: family visas, investment visas in company or property, work visa and all other possible visas to Brazil, we are skill lawyers in Curitiba with hundreds of success applications. If you are looking for a high skill Immigration Lawyers in Curitiba, please contact us.
Brazilian Immigration law at present accommodates four sorts of naturalization: common, exceptional, temporary and uncommon. Every one of them require narrative investigation and legitimate systems prior to giving naturalization to the outsider. Reviewing that, albeit the enactment builds up a base time of home of four years, alongside lasting visa, to allow naturalization, there are unique instances of perpetual visa where the term can be decreased to one year on the off chance that he/she is hitched to a Brazilian, and has a Brazilian ward kid under specific conditions, or is a local of a Portuguese talking country, for this situation, they may demand the decrease of this term, by methods for the extraordinary methodology.
Here at ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM, our citizenship Lawyers in Curitiba apply Citizenship and will deal with the cycle, going with and training the outsider with: the investigation of the fundamental documentation, filling in structures, plans and the control of the cutoff times with the movement organs for endorsement. Brazilian Citizenship has acquired a serious level of interest.
Perhaps the greatest benefit of having Brazilian citizenship is to go without inconveniences. Our Citizenship Lawyers in Curitiba inform that Brazilian residents can venture out to in excess of 146 nations and domains without a visa, including the Schengen area. Our Curitiba Immigration Lawyer can likewise apply your Brazilian citizenship, In the event that you have been living in Brazil long term earlier your application situated in Brazilian kid or marriage. If you are looking for high skills Citizenship Lawyers in Curitiba, please contact us.
Our probate lawyers in Curitiba are specialized in Extrajudicial, Consensual, Friendly, Judicial and Litigious Inventories.
Our Estate lawyers in Curitiba are specialized in Succession Law (lawyer for inventories, inheritances, wills) working in the State of Paraná with experience and knowledge for all types of Inventory and Property Sharing and inheritance for heirs. In addition to technical experience, in particular, knowledge of family courts, title deeds or property registrations, property regularization, reduction of expenses and more speed, we operate in the most complex intermediation between heirs aiming at the best and quickest solution.
It is in the inventory process that the identification of the heirs is carried out and details of the assets and debts and rights left by the deceased, in addition to the form that will be carried out and the possible payment of debts, including taxes and creditors. The inventory serves to regularize the situation of the property of the deceased because it is through the inventory and sharing procedure that the transmission of the property of the deceased to his successors (heirs) is formalized through our Estate Attorneys in Curitiba.
The will, an important figure in Family and Inheritance Law, is an iconic and almost theatrical procedure regarding the way a person disposes of his assets after his death, the estate left by him. In the popular imagination, the will involves a pompous situation, full of surprising revelations and twists and turns. In real life, on the other hand, this is not usually the case.
In addition, having a will is a way of determining in advance decisions that would need to be made in an inventory, reducing the wear and tear on those who remain and ensuring that the wishes of the person who left are respected. If you are looking for high skill Curitiba Estate Attorneys, please contact us.
Guardianship is one of the legal measures that legalizes the stay of children or adolescents in substitute homes, granting the child the condition of dependent, including for social security purposes. According to ECA, custody requires the provision of material, moral and educational assistance to the child or adolescent, giving its holder the right to oppose third parties, including parents. Family power cannot be confused with custody, since the person who holds family power does not always have custody of the child. In the event of a divorce, for example, custody may be granted unilaterally to one parent, while both continue to hold family power. In case of shared custody, both parents have custody and family power. In some cases, custody may be requested in order to protect a child or adolescent who is at risk of personal or social risk.
The custody can be temporary or definitive, and can be revoked at any time, and can also be granted to shelters, guardian families and foster families in the coexistence stage. The measure allows the continuation of family ties, does not change the affiliation or the civil registry. The guardian becomes the child's legal guardian, which covers material, affective and educational assistance until he or she turns 18.
Our Guardianship lawyers in Curitiba are ready to help. Guardianship aims to protect minors whose parents have died, are legally absent or have been deprived of family power. Childhood courts are competent to appoint a guardian to protect and manage the assets of people under the age of 18 who are at risk. The granting of guardianship presupposes the prior declaration of loss or suspension of family power, which necessarily implies the duty of custody. If you are looking for high skill Estate Lawyers in Curitiba, please contact us.
Our Tax Law Firm in Curitiba, in addition to the plans to solve the problems of tax and fiscal orders existing in the company, also seeks to guide its administrators towards the best organizational options in the correct fulfillment of corporate tax obligations, aiming at eliminating legal flaws. - administrative or biased decisions aimed at immediate "pseudo-profits", but which always led to sometimes disastrous results in the company's financial management.
Thus, our Tax Attorneys in Curitiba understands that, even the apparently simple tax issues need to be analyzed based on solid knowledge of Tax Law, knowledge that must always be guided by the presence and consultation with a competent and experienced Tax Attorney.
In the tax area, our Tax Lawyers in Curitiba provide consultancy services, aiming to maximize the tax savings in operations or in the activities of their clients, whether they are legal entities or individuals, residing in Brazil or abroad. Our Tax Attorneys in Curitiba They are part of the firm and are specialized and able to identify and present alternatives for the tax implications arising from the acquisition and disposal processes, corporate restructuring, investments and other transactions.
Our Tax Law Firm in Curitiba also acts in the defense of its clients in matters of a fiscal nature that are the subject of administrative and judicial proceedings, and in questioning the constitutionality or legality of taxes. Among the works developed in this area, are: I - Advisory and Tax Consulting: - Identification of the tax legislation applicable to a specific operation or transaction or business activity; Advice on the scope and application of federal, state and / or municipal tax legislation, involving its analysis, interpretation and application to a specific operation, transaction and or business activity; - Determination of the tax burden applicable to a specific product, transaction and or company; - Calculations - Obtaining Joint Negative Certificates issued by PGFN / RFB, State and / or State Finance Departments and Municipal Finance Departments; - Regularization of tax pending matters with the collection agencies, service, support and monitoring of inspections: federal, state and municipal ; - Elaboration, presentation and follow-up of Consultations on the interpretation of tax legislation before the competent bodies; - Participation in Tax Committees of Companies or Entities, Tax Due Diligence II - Tax Planning: - Identification and implementation of alternatives to reduce the tax burden applicable to particular operation, transaction or business activity; - Analysis and identification of the best location for industrial, commercial and service provision ventures with a view to reducing the tax burden; - Review of tax credits related to ICMS, IPI, PIS and COFINS, aiming at the identification of eventual recoverable credits; - Elaboration and follow-up with the competent bodies of requests for refund and / or offset of tax credits; - Request for tax benefits with the competent bodies and their follow-up; - Request and Follow-up of Special Regime Requests with the tax authorities. , aiming at simplification in the fulfillment of tax obligations; - Inclusions in tax debt installment payment programs. If you are looking for high skillTax Lawyers in Curitiba, please contact us.
Choosing a criminal lawyer is not an easy task, especially in cases where the person needs a professional to defend him from a crime. Therefore, hiring a qualified and experienced criminal lawyer is essential to ensure the success of your defense. Look for an office that can guarantee this.
Our Criminal Lawyers in Curitiba who work in our office are specialists with extensive experience in the area of traffic of drugs, we developed a Criminal defense that uses to be successful in Criminal cases in Curitiba, and provide all the support for clients to have peace of mind at this time.
The role of our Criminal Attorneys in Curitiba is to defend those accused of crimes, as everyone has this right under the Federal Constitution. In addition, they can also defend the interests of victims of sexual charges, crimes and drug trafficking. For this reason, Criminal Attorneys in Curitiba has full control over the laws, as well as emotional intelligence to know how to deal with clients in the best possible way.
Our office professionals have all these qualities. If you are looking for high skill  Criminal Lawyers in Curitiba, please contact us.

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