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Extension will maintain the income of socially vulnerable families
The average amount of the benefit is R$250. Women heads of household receive R$375, and people who live alone receive R$150. 
Emergency Assistance 2021 was extended for another three months: August, September and October. The extra resource will benefit Brazilians like the self-employed Luciana Abreu, who lives in Salvador (BA). She found it difficult to pay her house bills due to the impacts caused by Covid-19 and, last year, she resorted to the help of the Federal Government.
“This money has helped me with the bills, because, being autonomous, sales have dropped a lot due to the crisis and this money has helped me,” said Luciana. "It's very difficult to live with all this situation and having help, even if small, helps us to at least buy something for the house, pay an electricity bill or any other need that is present."
The extension was announced on Monday (5) by President Jair Bolsonaro. The extension of Emergency Aid in 2021 was initially expected to be paid in four installments and will now reach seven, serving the most vulnerable families facing difficulties due to Covid-19.
The Minister of Citizenship, João Roma, stated that, after the payment of the last installment, scheduled for October, an income assistance program will be launched to continue supporting the population. "In November, we will start with the Government's new social program, strengthened and expanded so that Brazilians can advance more and more, not only with the support of the Brazilian State for this moment of vulnerability, but also with all the help needed for it. can win and advance in their situation and their quality of life.”
“The aid has been an important tool for fathers and mothers, many of whom were unable to earn a living for their families, to advance within our society with a minimum of dignity,” he added.
who has the right
The three additional installments of the benefit will automatically be granted to the worker who was receiving the extension started this year, provided that the requirements established by Provisional Measure 1.039/21 are met.
The benefit has an average value of R$250. The exception is female heads of household who raise their children alone, who receive R$375, and people who live alone, who receive R$150.
The payment schedule for the three extra installments of Emergency Aid 2021 will be defined in the coming weeks. For the public included in Bolsa Família, transfers continue to be made according to the program's usual schedule.
The Federal Government ended the payment of the third installment of Emergency Aid 2021 on June 30th. Adding the three stages, the federal investment reached R$ 26.3 billion, including all publics, in a total of 39.3 million benefited families.
The benefit was extended through Decree No. 10,740. To defray the expenses, President Jair Bolsonaro issued a Provisional Measure that opens extraordinary credit in the amount of R$ 20,272,300,000 in favor of the Ministry of Citizenship.


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