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Operation Royal Oil fines more than 800 gas stations Action coordinated by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security inspected 2,099 establishments in 259 municipalities

Operation Petróleo Real, coordinated by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, inspected 2,099 gas stations. 811 were fined, 350 of which with irregular bombs. In addition, seven people were arrested, six of them in the act.
The purpose of the operation, which took place this Thursday (8) in 259 municipalities in 26 states, was to inspect and combat irregularities in service stations. Among the actions, the verification of the quality of fuels sold, the integrity of the pumps, prices and information on invoices.
"What we are trying to curb here are infractions and also penalize those suppliers that do not follow Brazilian legislation, that do not comply with their duty to protect and defend the consumer", highlighted the National Secretary for Consumer Protection, of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Juliana Oliveira Domingues.
Disclosure of prices
Operation Petróleo Real verified that establishments are complying with Decree No. 10.634, of February 22, 2021, which provides for the right of consumers to receive correct, clear, precise, visible and legible information on fuel prices throughout the territory national.
In this sense, the advertising of the fuel values ??presented at each service station was analyzed. "We cannot forget that the Federal Government, the National Consumer Secretariat and the National Consumer Defense System do not control prices. Nor could they, we have a Federal Constitution that promotes free enterprise, free competition. We have ours. economy based on the free market, and what we are doing here, with this operation, is precisely to privilege good suppliers”, explained Juliana Oliveira Domingues.
The operation also inspected the quality of the fuel sold. In this case, one of the problems encountered was the content of anhydrous ethanol added to gasoline, which cannot exceed 27%, as determined by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). “11 service stations were closed due to quality problems. This is, in the universe of stations that were inspected, a very small number and it demonstrates that fuel in Brazil is a good quality fuel, it is a fuel that passes technical verification criteria", emphasized the ANP representative, Ottomar Lustosa Mascarenhas .
Operation Oil
The operation had an integrated action with federal, state and municipal agencies and agencies to carry out administrative, technical and criminal inspections. In addition to the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon) and the Integrated Operations Secretariat (Seopi), which coordinated the work, state and municipal Procons, ANP, Inmetro, Federal Police, Federal Highway Police, Military Police and the Civil Police, Military Fire Department, Municipal Civil Guards and State Public Security Departments. More than 2,800 servers participated in the operation.


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