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Troops from the Navy and the Brazilian Army are being inspected by a delegation of the United Nations (UN). The assessment and advisory visit, made at the request of Brazil, aims to verify the country's capabilities to generate, deploy and maintain potential troop contributions in peace operations, such as the Stabilization in Haiti (Minustah), which Brazil led from 2004 to 2017.
“From this certification, we are ready to respond to a call from the United Nations. Brazil has a tradition in peace missions, I myself was a blue beret, I know the difficulties you will face when there is a call”, highlighted Defense Minister Walter Souza Braga Netto.
The inspections started on June 11th and end this Tuesday (20th). UN representatives were at the Rapid Action Company and the logistical support services of the military units, headquartered in the 33rd Mechanized Infantry Battalion, in Cascavel, Paraná; at Companhia de Engenharia, of the Army, in São Gabriel, in Rio Grande do Sul, and at Grupo Operativo de Fuzileiros Navais, of the Navy, in Rio de Janeiro.
The members of the UN delegation verified the logistics of support for the troop's daily life, which involves subsistence and essential items for the peace missions. The investigation covers communications materials and electrical, medical and combat equipment, among other products essential for military use in countries in conflict. After the visit, the UN will be able to grant certification of these contingents to level 2, a basic condition for future employment in peace missions.
Currently, Brazil has five types of troop contingents able to participate in the various UN peacekeeping missions. After this inspection, the Brazilian Armed Forces will be able to send four other types of troop contingents: a mechanized battalion, an engineering company and two rapid response companies.
Brazil's Participation in Peacekeeping Operations
In 1956, Brazil made the first sending of troops to a foreign country for a peacekeeping operation. Three soldiers were sent, who participated in a mission of the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF), created to prevent conflicts between Egyptians and Israelis and put an end to the Suez Crisis. According to the Ministry of Defense, between 1957 and 1967, Brazil participated with an infantry battalion of approximately 600 men, called the Suez Battalion, in the Sinai region and the Gaza Strip, which was sent, in rotation, of about 6,300 men.
Brazil has already participated in more than 50 peace operations and similar missions, having contributed with more than 55,000 military, police and civilians, according to Itamaraty. The priority is to participate in operations in countries with which Brazilians maintain historical and cultural ties, such as the missions carried out in Angola, Mozambique and East Timor, and, more recently, in Haiti and Lebanon. In the case of the Stabilization mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), Brazil employed more than 36 thousand soldiers between 2004 and 2017.
“Brazil, since 1956, has participated in peace missions. It has already sent out the order of 57,700 men and of those, 42 soldiers have sacrificed their lives for the sake of world peace”, emphasized the Minister of Defense.
around the world
Currently, the country participates in seven of the 12 United Nations missions.
These missions aim to help conflict-ravaged countries create the conditions for peace. Among the duties of the military are the distribution of water and food, rescue of hostages and protection of civilians. The use of force is only allowed in self-defense.


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