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The risks of natural disasters, such as forest fires and landslides, for example, can be reduced with the help of the population. For this it is necessary that people discuss the issue in the community, spread the knowledge they have on the subject and share ways to intervene in situations of natural disaster.
The campaign
#AprenderParaPrevenir, launched this Tuesday (3) by the Ministries of Regional Development (MDR) and Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), aims to ensure that the topic is addressed in people's daily lives so that measures can be taken to avoid situations like the great fires that punished the Pantanal and the Amazon Forest last year. It is prevention through knowledge.
“Learning to prevent involves avoiding material damage, but also avoiding people's suffering. Adopting a preventive posture in the face of the possibility of natural disasters means not only adopting a citizen and responsible posture, but also adopting a more humane and supportive posture. It is in this sense that the campaign is so important and so necessary”, said Joana Nunes, general coordinator of Human and Social Sciences at the MCTI's Secretariat for Research and Scientific Training.
People, communities and institutions can participate in the campaign. For this you must have an active account on at least one of the platforms integrated in the campaign (TikTok, Instagram or Facebook). The contents of lectures, presentations, animations, games, among other languages, will be published on websites, blogs and social networks. Between August 15th and September 25th, webinars are planned on the subject.
“Our dream is to create a network of schools and communities to prevent disasters and protect Brazil,” says Rachel Trajber, coordinator of the National Center for Monitoring and Alerting of Natural Disasters (Cemaden) Educação.
individual participation
In individual participation, students, teachers, civil defense agents, health agents, environmentalists, influencers, among other interested individuals, must record an authorial video, lasting 15 to 60 seconds, on the theme “Disasters, here!? How to prevent?”. Then just post the material on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook social networks and identify the video posted with the hashtag #AprenderParaPrevenir2021 and mark the profile @cemaden.educacao. This is the first time the campaign opens for individual participation.
collective participation
In the case of institutional or collective participation, schools, universities, civil defenses, non-profit governmental and non-governmental organizations, collectives, among other institutions, should mobilize local groups to participate in the campaign, creating spaces for dialogue in the construction and dissemination of knowledge on local risk and disaster prevention.
The entities should also encourage the production of short copyright videos (15 to 60 seconds), on the theme “Disasters, here!? How to prevent?” and ensure that the material is posted on social networks identified with the
hashtag #AprenderParaPrevenir2021 and tagging the profile @cemaden.educacao. Institutions must also complete and submit the Institutional Participation Form, available on the campaign's website.
In the form, it is necessary to insert the access links to the videos created and posted on social networks, the authors' full name and at-sign, in addition to the respective Image Usage Authorization Terms, which must be attached. There are no video limits.
Institutions registered by filling out and sending the Institutional Participation Form and that have developed local mobilization initiatives with videos produced according to the proposed theme, will receive a certificate of participation in the campaign and will be able to compete in the draw for educational prizes. Winners will be announced on October 13, on the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction.
The #AprenderParaPrevenir campaign has been held annually since 2016 at the initiative of the MCTI's National Center for Monitoring and Alerts on Natural Disasters (Cemaden). Cemaden's objective is to monitor and issue disaster alerts to subsidize, safeguard lives and reduce the social, environmental and economic vulnerability that result from these disasters.


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