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Brazil guarantees the largest number of medals in the Olympic Games in this edition
Athletes have already surpassed 19 Rio 2016 medals. Government incentive is present in the daily lives of 242 athletes who receive Athlete Scholarship
Published 08/06/2021 5:20 PM Updated on 08/06/2021 5:25 PM
Brazil guarantees the greatest number of medals in the Olympic Games
The Brazilian women's volleyball team guaranteed a place in the final after a victory against South Korea. - Photo: Rodolfo Vilela/rededoesporte.gov.br
The Tokyo Olympic Games end this Sunday (8) with the mark of having guaranteed Brazil the best performance in the Olympics. The number of medals has already surpassed the number of the last games in Rio, in 2016, when there were 19. Brazil has won 16 medals, but it already has another four guaranteed, all that remains is to define the color.
Of the 16 medals won in Japan so far, 15 have the participation of athletes supported by Bolsa Atleta, a Federal Government program that is considered one of the largest in the world in terms of individual sponsorship. Of the group called up for the Olympic Games, 242 (80%) are part of the program.
This Friday (6), the women's volleyball team won the semifinal game against South Korea and advanced to the final where they can win gold or silver. Thus, they secured the 20th medal for Brazil.
After the semifinal game, volleyball player Rosamaria Montibeller, who receives the Bolsa Atleta in the National category, spoke about the expectation of bringing another gold medal to Brazil. “I hope we can also play a good game in the final. Our team has been preparing for everyone to come in and do a good job, so I think it's been working,” she said. And she added: "It's a dream being fulfilled, but the dream itself is the golden medal."
The other medals already guaranteed are in women's boxing with Beatriz Ferreira, in men's boxing with Hebert Conceição, and in men's soccer. In both boxing and football, the dispute is also for gold or silver.
And there is still a chance of a podium with the men's volleyball team, which will dispute the bronze medal on Saturday (7). Also with Isaquias Queiroz, from the C1 1000m speed canoeing, who is one of the favorites for the podium this Friday (6).
COB Medals
Importance of Incentive
A bronze medal in pole vault athletics, Thiago Braz, who is supported by Bolsa Pódio, the main category of Bolsa Atleta, highlighted the importance of the support.
“It's important for us athletes to stay in the sport, build our career, do our best. Today, being able to bring this medal is more than a pride to see that it is not for nothing”, said Thiago Braz. “They invest thinking about the athlete, thinking about growing the sport, growing people, growing our country and developing”, he observed.
Boxer Abner Teixeira, bronze medal in the heavyweight category, receives the Bolsa Atleta in the International category and participates in the Armed Forces High Performance Athletes Program in the Brazilian Army. He also highlighted the weight of Bolsa Atleta's support for the sport.
“I can tell you, my first sponsorship was Bolsa Atleta. When I didn't have support, I didn't have anything, I was Brazilian champion and then I earned the money from Bolsa Atleta. It allowed me not to go crazy looking for a job and to dedicate myself only to sports. With the help of Bolsa Atleta, I improved, walking, until I joined the Army. They helped me on this ladder until I reached high performance and until I reached the Olympic Games”, he said.
Debuting sports are highlighted
Surfing and skateboarding, two new sports at the Tokyo Olympics, reinforced the medals table in Brazil. From surfing came a gold medal with Italo Ferreira, who receives the Bolsa Pódio.
Skateboarding debuted with three bucks. Two of them from Bolsa Pódio athletes, Pedro Barros in the skate park category and Kelvin Hoefler, in skate street. The other medalist, Rayssa Leal, aged 13, is not part of the program. The minimum age to be part of the Bolsa Atleta is 14 years old.
Pedro Barros stated that the medals brought visibility to skateboarding and the expectation is that the sport will receive more incentives. “We want more skating rinks, we want more kids skating, this life change skateboarding was for me and for other people too. We fight to get this space. A skate park will only do good for our society, for any community, for any child, mom and dad because it changes the whole life,” he said.
Five sports modalities were included in this edition of the Olympics, surfing, skateboarding, baseball/softball, karate and climbing.
Closing ceremony
The Brazilian flag bearer at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, on Sunday (8), has already been chosen. It will be the gymnast Rebeca Andrade, the first Brazilian female athlete to win two medals in the same edition of games. She took the podium at the Tokyo Games with gold in the vault and silver in the all-around.


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