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A program to implement energy efficiency measures in small and medium industries in the state of São Paulo with technical support and affordable credit. And still contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. This is PotencializEE - Transforming Investments in Energy Efficiency in Industry Program, launched this Wednesday (8) in cooperation between Brazil and Germany.
The program has the participation of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the Energy Research Company (EPE) at the Federal level, in addition to private institutions in the industry, energy and financial partners.
The objective is to provide industries with lower energy costs, more capacity to compete in the market and less environmental impact. By 2024, the program's goal is to assist 1,000 companies with diagnoses and implement 425 energy efficiency projects.
During this period, PotencializEE also aims to reach the number of 100 specialists trained and certified by Senai-SP, to stop releasing 1.1 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and to have a reduction of 7.267 Gigawatts hour in energy consumption. In addition to awareness actions in about 5 thousand industries.
The secretary of Energy Planning and Development at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Paulo Cesar Magalhães, stated that the program shows the importance of investing more in energy efficiency in the country.
“Investment in energy efficiency is fundamental for us to have sustainable growth in the country, especially in the Brazilian industry,” he said.
“Brazilian industry is responsible for 30% of final energy consumption and almost 40% of the electricity consumed, hence the importance of making processes in the industry more efficient. In addition, the potential for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions with energy efficiency is enormous”, explained the secretary.
environmental contribution
The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with the program will help Brazil achieve the goals set in the Paris Agreement on climate change.
"Through these partnerships, it is estimated that a reduction in emissions of more than one million tons of CO2 will be made possible in the sector of small and medium industries, which will help Brazil meet the emission targets established in the Paris Agreement", said the secretary Paulo Cesar Magalhães.
Who can participate
Small and medium industrial companies in São Paulo with up to 499 employees and from any segment can participate. To do this, simply access the program's website and register. After this step, a specialist from Senai-SP will schedule a visit to carry out a free energy pre-diagnosis.
program link
A prior survey of the structural situation of the production facility will be carried out with basic recommendations for improvement. If there are significant potentials for energy efficiency, the recommendation is to prepare a project and, finally, its implementation.
PotencializEE provides for easier access to credit through partner public and private institutions. For this, it mobilizes a guaranteed fund to reduce guarantee requirements of small and medium industrial companies.
About R$ 110 million are planned for PotencializEE with resources from the Ministry of Environment of Germany and the European Union.
PotencializEE is a Brazil-Germany cooperation program led by the Ministry of Mines and Energy and coordinated by GIZ, the German Agency for International Cooperation.
energy efficiency
The concept of energy efficiency is to generate the same amount of energy with fewer natural resources or get the same work done with less energy. The definition is from the Energy Research Company (EPE).


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