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The Federal Government, through the National Aviation Agency (ANAC), concluded last Sunday (9/12) the inspection work within the scope of Operation Yanomami. Begun on August 24 — against aircraft owners and operators who were using planes in activities related to illegal mining — 86 aircraft were inspected during inspections. Of this total, 58 were apprehended administratively and 8 were interdicted. Over 20 days of action, ANAC inspectors carried out actions in different municipalities in the State of Roraima (RR).
Coordinated by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the operation was carried out in conjunction with agents of the Federal Police and the National Public Security Force and employees of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), the Institute Chico Mendes for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio) and the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama).
In addition to identifying and notifying operators, who had aircraft in an irregular airworthiness situation and with administrative pending issues, ANAC agents also identified the irregular performance and maintenance of aircraft and the use of clandestine parts (not approved), which may characterize the practice of Clandestine Maintenance — also known by the acronym MACA.
concentrated actions
In one of the actions carried out within the scope of the operation, which took place last Thursday (9/9) on a clandestine runway of the Clube de Aviação Desportiva de Roraima, located in the capital Boa Vista, 50 aircraft were fined by ANAC inspectors for operations in non-approved site and for clandestine maintenance.
The agents of the other bodies involved in the operation also witnessed violations committed against civil aviation rules. During an action carried out within the Yanomami Indigenous Land, in Roraima, federal inspectors identified and seized 59 airstrips, three ports (Uraricoera river) and five clandestine helipads that served as logistical support for illegal mining.
Administrative process
To continue the investigation of the facts, ANAC initiated an administrative proceeding with the objective of continuing the investigation of irregularities committed against the Brazilian Aeronautics Code and civil aviation regulations. Additionally, the Agency provisionally suspended the license of the aeronautical maintenance mechanic who performed irregular service in the region.
If it is established that there was a practice of irregularity in the civil aviation rules, the Agency may apply other penalties to those responsible for the aircraft and to the aeronautical maintenance mechanic, ranging from fines to cancellation of qualifications and operating certificates of those involved.
With information from ANAC


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