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To implement the New High School, which starts next year, the Ministry of Education (MEC) will provide technical and financial support to secondary schools and the integration between higher education institutions, the productive sector, schools and education departments . The actions are part of the Training Itineraries Program, launched last week by MEC.
Access to the Program will be through the adhesion of the education departments, which must register in the MEC's ??Integrated Monitoring, Execution and Control System (Simec) by October 14th. Schools must also confirm their participation through the Programa Dinheiro Direto na Escola (PDDE) Interactive from October 15th to 28th. The program should reach 15 thousand schools across the country.
“The launch of this Formative Itineraries Program does not come with just a theory. In practical terms, we have a financial demand that will help the schools that have been selected and will be able to serve as pilots”, highlighted the Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro.
The program has four thematic axes:
Technical and Financial Support to Schools: provides for adhesion and selection of schools by the secretariats and transfer of resources via the Dinheiro Direto na Escola Program (PDDE), for the preparation and execution of Proposals for the Implementation of Formative Itineraries;
Support for the Implementation of Model-Schools: aims to promote models for the provision of New High Schools and focuses on the articulation between program participants;
Integration of Networks: aims to strengthen learning strategies, aiming to expand the possibilities of offering different itineraries and curricular units; and
Monitoring and Evaluation: will carry out studies and evaluations with educational networks to assess the implementation of the New High School, as well as identify and disseminate good practices.
“We will spare no efforts for the success of the Brazilian New High School as it reflects the desire of a good part of society that is concerned with the growing number of students who, upon completing their current high school, remain without perspective, neither work nor study. Our commitment is to provide the possibility of integration between a life project of our new generations and the new requirements for exercising citizenship and the dynamism of the new world of work”, highlighted the secretary of basic education, Mauro Rabelo.
New High School
The New High School begins to be implemented in public and private schools in the country from 2022 and should be fully implemented by 2024. Among the changes is the expansion of the minimum time for students in school from 800 hours to 1,000 hours per year. Another change is in the curriculum, focusing on areas of knowledge and technical and professional training, according to the student's interest. Thus, if the student intends to pursue a career in the engineering field, for example, he can focus on the subjects of mathematics and its technologies. If your vocation is in the health area, you can dedicate yourself to the disciplines of natural sciences and their technologies
Since 2018, the MEC has transferred around R$360 million to more than 4,000 schools across the country. These units served as a pilot project for the implementation of the New High School. According to the MEC, this measure benefited 1.9 million students. “This program lays the foundations for the long-awaited bridge between the future of our young people and our country's development goals. We are, in a way parallel to the family, guiding the young people in which path they should choose. And then we're going to give them this option of being able to make their choices at the right time in their lives”, said minister Milton Ribeiro.


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