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TOKYO 2021

The Tokyo Paralympic Games marked Brazil's best campaign in paralympics and achieved a record for gold medals. In the Olympic Games, Brazilian athletes also had the best result so far. Athletes who participated in these historic editions of the games were received this Wednesday (6), by President Jair Bolsonaro, at Palácio do Planalto.
Bolsa Atleta, the Federal Government's individual sponsorship program, was present in 94% of all medal achievements by Brazilian athletes in the Paralympic Games and in 90% of the podiums of the Olympic Games.
“We are proud to be a Brazilian, it is an immeasurable satisfaction”, said President Jair Bolsonaro. “And this moment of diving into a pool, entering a field, picking up a bow, an arrow, a dart, is a moment that marks us and precedes not weeks and months, years of hard work, a lot of dedication. We think that the guy is there appearing on the television screen and it all started there, no, it all started back there. If we don't have discipline, dedication, commitment, if we can't abstain from our lives, we can't succeed. This applies to all phases of our life.”, highlighted the President.
In the speech, the President recalled that he was also an athlete and mentioned the history of Brazil's participation in the games. “The Olympics began in 1896, our first medal in 1920 with Lieutenant Guilherme Paraense, shooting competition. From then on, Brazil was always present in these moments. With time, the Paralympics appeared, which made you appear to the world as well and appear in a very healthy and brilliant way”, he said.
Tokyo Paralympic Games
Of the 236 starting athletes in Tokyo, 226 (95.7%) are part of the Bolsa Atleta. Most athletes (57.6%) receive Bolsa Pódio, which is the main category of the program. Bolsa Atleta was present in 94% of all medal achievements by Brazilian athletes. In total, the Brazilians won 72 medals at the Tokyo Games, 68 of which belonged to the program's members.
record of diamonds
Brazil had a gold record at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, with 22 medals, surpassing 21 at the London 2012 games. In addition to 20 silver and 30 bronze. The country ended the games in seventh place in the world ranking. It was in Tokyo that Brazil reached its 100th gold medal in the history of the Paralympic Games.
Of the 22 gold medals obtained, 20 were achieved by athletes from Bolsa Atleta, 18 of which belong to the Podium category. And of the 20 silver medals, 18 belong to the program, as well as 100% of the 30 bronzes obtained.
Investment in sport
Brazil competed in Tokyo with the largest delegation in Paralympic Games abroad. There were 259 athletes, including guide athletes, riders, goalkeepers and helmsman. Of this total, 236 are regular athletes, of which 226 are part of the Bolsa Atleta.
The Brazilian delegation traveled to Japan supported by an investment of R$ 117 million by the Federal Government via Bolsa Atleta. This is the value historically passed on, since 2005, to the 226 athletes in the group who are part of the program.
Tokyo Olympic Games
Twenty-one medals, the highest number ever obtained by Brazil in the Olympic Games. That was the balance of the Tokyo games. Bolsa Atleta is connected to 90.4% of the podiums in Brazil. That's because, of the 21 medals won in Japan, 19 have the participation of athletes supported by the program. There were six golds, five silvers and eight bronzes with the presence of athletes contemplated by the program. This result guaranteed Brazil the 12th place in the ranking of countries.
High Performance Athletes Program
Military athletes represented 30% of the Brazilian delegation in Tokyo with more than 90 athletes. Each year, the Ministry of Defense invests around R$38.3 million in the Armed Forces High Performance Athletes Program (PAAR).
Athlete Scholarship at the Olympics
Of the group of 302 athletes called up for the Olympic Games, 242, which corresponds to 80%, are part of the program. For Bolsa Atleta, the Ministry of Citizenship has ensured a budget of R$145.2 million for 2021, the highest since 2014.
The Federal Government is the largest sponsor of Olympic and Paralympic sport in the country, with an annual investment of over R$750 million. This value houses the tripod that today represents the largest source of investment in Brazilian sports, formed by the Lottery Law, Athlete Scholarship and the Sports Incentive Law
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