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As energy questions are not the center of discussion in the whole world. Tendo isso in sight, not next Saturday (16) will happen, the United Arab Emirates, or Global Digital Power Summit 2021, an event aimed at technologies for reducing carbon emissions and sustainable development.
O president of the Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro), Marcos Heleno de Oliveira, will be part of the event and will present some two projects of Inmetro linked to or development of technologies in the area of ??renewable energies and energy efficiency.
Among the highlights that will be presented are initiatives linked to solar energy (photovoltaic), wind energy and the Brazilian Energy Efficiency Program (PBE). O President of Inmetro of your details on the expectations and projects that will be discussed did not find in Dubai.
Not next day 16 or Inmetro I will be present at an event in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, which will discuss technologies for reducing carbon emissions. What projects are going to be presented by Inmetro?
This is a very important event. Energy is not the center of the discussion in the world inside. There are very pessimistic forecasts for the collapse of energy in the world, not in Brazil, in the world, because as countries are developing in demand for growing energy, that question, not only for energy access, more than Clean energy, is a central question in the industry in the internal world, in terms of competitiveness. Therefore, or Inmetro, who is afraid of supporting the industry not developing its quality through its infrastructure of quality, with its technological center and its research laboratories, is about to work together with the industry to overcome these challenges. At this event in Dubai, which is the Global Summit, it is an opportunity to be in contact with all those leaders that deal with the world, show or that we are doing in terms of research projects, development in solar cells, biomass, wind , speed of wind, all those things that are involved and attached to us or PBE, to labeling that shows the energy efficiency of the refrigerator, ar-conditioning, show that we are creating and building partnerships so that people seek investment for Brazil nessa area so important.
About the Energy Efficiency Program, or labeling, is an example that Brazil can give to the world?
Com certain. Or Inmetro, mainly within the Southern Hemisphere, which is a great reference. It can be said that, we consider ourselves all the countries of the world, we are not two major players in metrology and quality infrastructure. Or Inmetro is surely there among the six, seven great institutes of the world that work on metrology and quality infrastructure. So I always see people as an example for many people. At the same time that we learn as institutes around the world, we have cooperation programs that help several countries to develop their quality infrastructure programs, and we support or develop this type of service and contribute to society.
Does the Brazilian Energy Efficiency Program distribute those labels to the electrical appliances that the consumer uses at home, não e isso?
Isso. That label that has on the side gives us a geladeira, that has a colorful graphic theme - theme: A, B, C, D, E -, it goes just to communicate which equipment that gives more efficiency. Então o nível A é who is going to spend more energy to achieve the same result. Isso not only communicates to social responsibility in terms of preservation of the environment, but mainly indicates for the consumer bag which equipment that will use less energy. Many times he is buying cheaper equipment, longer than one or two years or that he will consume energy will kill that economy that he made.
Isso stimulating the industry to ter more advanced technologies?
Com certain. Because we try to develop this work in a partnership as a productive sector, setting goals that they achieve, placing this challenge, the state structure itself through industrial incentives, seeking to benefit those companies that seek high energy efficiency, understanding that it is gerated, He is geared for all societies.
Is this experience of Brazil in renewed energies able to attract or interest international investors?
With certainty I can. Because a thing that happens not in Brazil and that we have very favorable conditions for the development of clean energy, dessas energias


Mr. Alessandro Jacob speaking about Brazilian Law on "International Bar Association" conference

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