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The Government of Brazil, through the Ministry of Regional Development, started this Monday (18), the Jornada das Águas with actions to bring water to the driest regions. In the city where the historical source of the São Francisco River is located, São Roque de Minas (MG). President Jair Bolsonaro and the Minister of Regional Development, Rogério Marinho, participated in the event.
The journey will pass through nine states in the Northeast region, where the Ministry of Regional Development will make announcements and deliveries of infrastructure works, preservation and recovery of springs and water courses, sanitation, irrigation, in addition to supporting the productive sector and municipalities.
“When you talk about life, you have to talk about water,” said President Jair Bolsonaro. “The water here is not just for Minas Gerais, it's for our Northeast, for our northeastern brothers. If we don't preserve it here, it will be lacking there”, he added.
“By preserving these springs, we are guaranteeing that 'Old Chico' will continue with water. Enough water for the transposition to serve our northeastern brothers,” added President Jair Bolsonaro.
On this first day there was the announcement of R$ 5.8 billion for the revitalization of basins with resources coming from the Eletrobras Capitalization Law. The Public Call Notice for the Jequitaí Dam was launched and R$ 20 million was earmarked for complementary works.
There was also the disclosure of the 2nd Call for Projects Notice and the announcement of sponsorships for the Águas Brasileiras Program. In addition, the resumption of work on the Gorutuba Irrigation Project and completion of the de-silting channel in Jaíba was announced.
In each state visited by Jornada das Águas, works and projects will be delivered or started that will make the necessary water infrastructure viable for water to reach the driest regions.
During the journey, the announcement of the Water Framework is planned, an action aimed at promoting development and water security in the country.
Journey axes
The Jornada das Águas script began in São Roque de Minas and will end in Propriá, in Sergipe, on October 28th. Minister Rogério Marinho, managers and secretaries of the portfolio will make the deliveries and announcements.
There are four lines of action on the journey: infrastructure, sustainability, economic and social development and improving governance.
As part of the infrastructure axis, the Ramal do Agreste will be inaugurated in Pernambuco. After the completion of the Agreste pipeline, the branch will bring water to the homes of more than 2 million people in 68 cities in the region with the most water shortage in the state, according to the Ministry of Regional Development. The investment in the work is R$1.6 billion, of which R$1.3 billion is invested in the current administration.
The infrastructure axis will also have the construction of the Ramal do Salgado, in Ceará, which will benefit 4.7 million people in 54 municipalities. The announcement of the start of its works is confirmed during the journey, with planned public investments of R$ 600 million.
Revitalization of basins
In the sustainability axis, Caixa will sponsor the Nascentes Vivas project, in the amount of R$ 10 million, to recover 1,500 springs in the Rio Verde Grande Basin, throughout 27 municipalities in Minas Gerais. The company MRV will support the Agroforestry Basins to Conserve Water project, which will implement 60 agroforestry systems in two quilombola communities in the municipality of Muquém do São Francisco, in Bahia.
In the area of ??regional development, one of the main actions of the ministry is the promotion of National Integration Routes, which are networks of local productive arrangements associated with strategic production chains capable of promoting inclusion and sustainable development in Brazilian regions prioritized by the National Policy of Regional development.
The Superintendence for the Development of the Northeast (Sudene) will present the Strategic Action Plan for the hydrographic basin of the São Francisco River and area of ??influence of the São Francisco and Parnaíba River Integration Project, which is currently being prepared.
Infrastructure, Traffic and Transport


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