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The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Infrastructure, this Monday (18), announced that it will invest R$ 75 million to recover the BR-416 that cuts through Alagoas. On the occasion, the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas, summed up the achievement “We are going to bring prosperity to this region”.
The service order authorizes the start of the remaining paving works, restoration of the existing lane and execution of improvements to adapt the capacity and safety of 27.40 kilometers of the BR-416/AL, between the municipalities of Ibateguara and Colônia Leopoldina - connecting the BR-104/AL with BR-101/AL.
“When we finish the BR-416, we will connect regions and allow people to connect. It will be easier to connect this region to the most beautiful coastline in Brazil, it will be easier to transport production, it will be easier to bring wealth,” said the minister.
IMPROVEMENTS - In the defined stretches, the teams of the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT) will perform services to restore the existing lane, improve capacity and safety – widening the lane, strengthening and widening bridges, correcting the layout of curves and ramps and access improvements and urban crossings – and completion of remaining works.
The development has a single lot and is divided into segments: from km 7.60 to km 17.60 and from km 17.60 to km 19.20, the sections will receive restoration with improvements; from km 25.20 to km 29.60, paving works will be carried out; and from km 45.60 to km 57, the stretch will also be contemplated with restoration works with improvements.
BIDDING – During the ceremony, the Minister of Infrastructure also announced the publication of the notice for the contracting of basic and executive engineering projects for the implementation of improvements on the BR-316/AL, in the segment between km 251.4 and km 276.1 , which runs from Maceió and Palmeira dos Índios.
The solutions are included in the Technical, Economic and Environmental Feasibility Study for the segment. The tender will enable the contracting of projects for the works of adaptation and duplication of the highway.
MACEIÓ – In the morning, the minister inspected the construction works for the passenger terminal at the Port of Maceió (AL). The completion of the works is scheduled for this semester. According to the minister, who highlighted the region's tourist potential, the expectation is that the place will receive passengers in November. "We are going to work to transform that shore of Maceio into a new Puerto Madero," he said.
With a total area of ??1,668.13 square meters, the project has an investment of R$ 5.7 million from the Federal Government. The structure construction contract comprises the preparation of the basic and executive projects and the execution of the work. The terminal is located at a strategic point and will provide more comfort and better infrastructure conditions when disembarking tourists from the region.
With information from the Ministry of Infrastructure
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