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Auxílio Brasil, a social program that will replace Bolsa Família, will start to be paid in November and will have a linear adjustment of 20%, according to the Minister of Citizenship, João Roma, in a statement made this Wednesday (20th). President Jair Bolsonaro's determination is that families in situations of poverty and extreme poverty should not receive less than R$400.
“The permanent program, which is Auxílio Brasil, which succeeds Bolsa Família, this program has an average ticket, so the value of the benefit varies according to the composition of each family. So, there are families that are receiving less than R$ 100, and there are others that receive even more than R$ 500. This program will have a 20% adjustment", explained the Minister of Citizenship, João Roma.
“In addition, President Jair Bolsonaro demanded that all those who are part of poverty and extreme poverty who are in the social program through the Cadastro Único, SUAS [Single Social Assistance System], that none of these beneficiary families receive less than R$ 400”, detailed João Roma.
"We are structuring a transitory benefit that would work until December of next year and this transitory benefit would have the purpose of equalizing the payment of these benefits so that none of these families receive less than R$ 400", explained the minister.
According to João Roma, the number of beneficiaries will be expanded in relation to Bolsa Família and should reach 16.9 million families. By December, the queue for the permanent program will be cleared. “In November, Brazil Auxílio will be paid and in December it will, therefore, clear the queue. Today, the permanent program includes 14.7 million families and we intend to reach close to 17 million families”, said the minister.
The Minister of Citizenship also stated that Auxílio Brasil is a transformative program that seeks to emancipate citizens. “Auxílio Brasil is integrating social policies so that, in addition to offering a web of social protection for the population in a vulnerable situation, we can also act with a strong weight in social transformation, offering possibilities and incentives to these Brazilians so that they can find better quality of life,” said João Roma.
In the speech, the Minister of Citizenship explained that the economic and social areas of the government are dealing internally and in dialogue with the National Congress so that these advances, in order to meet the needs of the Brazilian people, take place in accordance with fiscal responsibility rules.
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Within Auxílio Brasil there are nine different types of benefits. It integrates in a single program several public policies on social assistance, health, education, employment and income. Another key feature is to promote child and youth development through financial support for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and adolescents.
The initiative foresees measures to insert young people and adults in the labor market, articulating social assistance policies with actions of productive inclusion, entrepreneurship and entry into the formal economy.
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