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Starting next Friday (29), the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Infrastructure (Minfra), will kick off Super Infra, a new season of auctions to attract around R$ 23.5 billion in private investments transport sector and generate at least 400 thousand jobs. By the end of December, there will be 11 auctions: two road and nine port leases.
On October 29, Super Infra opens the biggest road auction in history: the new concession of the Dutra Highway (BR-116/SP/RJ), this time, together with the Rio-Santos highway (BR-101/ SP/RJ). In total, nearly R$ 15 billion in investments are planned to transform the highway that links the two largest metropolitan regions in the country. There are more than 600 kilometers of additional lanes for capacity expansion, 80 for duplication (in RJ), 144 of marginal lanes and the construction of more than hundreds of operational structures.
With private investment, it will be possible to reduce the toll value by up to 35%, says the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas. In addition, there will be almost R$ 1.5 billion invested in the region of Guarulhos (SP) alone to solve the existing bottlenecks and facilitate access to the international airport in São Paulo. And another R$1.2 billion for the implementation of the new Serra das Araras, with the construction of a new lane, enabling four lanes per direction.
Several innovations are foreseen in the public notice: introduction of the free flow system for charging for free passage, which eliminates the need for toll plazas, in the region of Guarulhos; progressive fare discounts, according to the frequency of use of the road for passenger vehicles; adoption of iRap road safety technology to reduce accidents; monitoring with automatic cameras to identify incidents; and Wi-Fi and LED lighting throughout the Dutra Highway.
"It will be another important step in our goal of contracting at least R$ 260 billion in investments from the private sector by the end of 2022, with the expectation of new investors in Brazil and, most importantly, creating jobs", evaluated the Minister of Infrastructure.
Following Super Infra, auctions of nine port leases occur, divided into two dates. The first, on November 5, will have three terminals in the Northeast region, surpassing R$ 300 million in investments. In Rio Grande do Norte, an area of ??more than 35 thousand square meters (TERSAB) for the movement of sea salt in the Salt Terminal of Areia Branca.
In Alagoas, the contest will be for a space of 71 thousand square meters (MAC13) for the movement and storage of sugar at the Port of Maceió. And in Ceará, an area of ??25.6 thousand square meters (MUC59) for the movement and storage of fuels at Porto do Mucuripe. “Since President Jair Bolsonaro took office, we have worked to transfer the greatest number of assets to the private sector and the strategy has been the right one,” reinforced Tarcisio.
Since 2019 until now, 74 transport projects have been granted to the private sector, totaling almost R$ 74 billion to be applied over the next few years in order to transform the national transport logistics and make the country more competitive in the foreign market. There were 34 airports, 29 port leases – and 99 more authorizations for private use terminals, six railroads (concessions, renovations and cross investment) and five highways.
Two weeks later it will be the turn of the biggest port auction in history. On November 19, two important areas for fuel at the Port of Santos (STS08 and STS08A) will be auctioned, totaling nearly R$ 1 billion in investments in a total area of ??around 450 thousand square meters.
Currently, the area operated by Transpetro acts as a regulator of Petrobras' byproducts production stock, carrying out activities such as: transfer and receipt of products from vessels, bunker supply in vessels moored in the Complex, shipment of products from refineries and shipment of LPG to the distribution companies located in the Southeast and Midwest regions.
On the same day, another four port terminals will be auctioned, plus R$ 138 million to be injected by the private sector. One in Paraíba, for granite storage at Porto do Cabedelo (AE14); one in Santa C


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