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Pulp company submits 24th application for new railroad
The project will be used to transport cargo estimated at 1.7 million tons of pulp per year - Photo: Ricardo Botelho/MInfra
The company Eldorado Brasil Celulose is the author of the 24th request for authorization for the construction and operation of a railway line based on the Legal Framework of Railways. With a planned investment of R$ 890 million and an extension of 88.9 kilometers, the railway project is located in Mato Grosso do Sul, between the municipalities of Três Lagos and Aparecida do Taboado.
The project will be used to transport cargo estimated at 1.7 million tons of pulp per year. After Eldorado's request, the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Infrastructure (Minfra), has already gathered 24 requests of the type under analysis under the federal Pró Trilhos program.
Together, the orders represent R$ 100.92 billion in planned investments and 7,590.69 kilometers of extension in new tracks, crossing 14 units of the Federation. All requests are appreciated by the team of the National Land Transport Secretariat (SNTT), with technical support from the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT).
Eldorado is the second company in the pulp sector interested in developing its own segment to visualize the transport of its cargo by rail. Bracell presented projects for two new railway lines in the state of São Paulo: one 4.29 km long in Lençóis Paulistas and the other 19.5 km long, connecting Lençóis Paulistas to Pederneiras.
NEW OPERATORS – In all, 13 private investors are responsible for the requests presented to the Union so far, interested in entering the rail transport sector or expanding their operations in the segment thanks to the federal Pró Trilhos program. Launched in September, the initiative aims to expand the national railway network, releasing its exploitation to private capital also through the authorization model, in a faster way and with less bureaucracy, as already occurs in the exploration of infrastructure in sectors such as telecommunications, electricity, ports and airport.
Of the total number of bidders, three already operate railroads under the concession regime – VLI, Rumo and Ferroeste. In addition to Eldorado and Bracell, Petrocity, Grão Pará Multimodal, Planalto Piauí Participações, Fazenda Campo Grande, Macro Desenvolvimento Ltda, Morro do Pilar Minerais SA, Iron Brazil Railway and Minerva, which are originally linked to Private Use Terminals ( TUPs) or to the cargo originators themselves.
The 24 requests meet the historical demands of rail transport regarding the provision of new routes and the inclusion of more operators in the railroad offer to transport mineral, agricultural and container cargo across the country. In addition to the SNTT team, ANTT analyzes the proposals regarding the locational compatibility of the projects with the rest of the federal railway network, implemented or granted.
The Legal Framework for Railways, created by Provisional Measure 1.065/2021, also advances in the National Congress, after approval by the Federal Senate of PLS ??261/18. The text will now be analyzed by the Chamber of Deputies. If approved without changes by the deputies, the process is concluded and the bill goes on for approval by the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro.
Check the list of all applications presented so far:
Petrocity: São Mateus/ES – Ipatinga/MG: 410 km long
VLI: Lucas do Rio Verde/MT – Água Boa/MT: 557 km long
VLI: Uberlândia/MG – Chaveslândia/MG: 235 km long
VLI: Porto Franco – Ferries/MA: 230 km long
VLI: Cubatão/SP-Santos/SP: 8 km long
Ferroeste: Maracaju/MS – Dourados/MS: 76 km long
Ferroeste: Guarapuava/PR - Paranaguá/PR: 405.2 km long
Ferroeste: Cascavel/PR – Foz do Iguaçu/PR: 166 km long
Ferroeste: Cascavel/PR to Chapecó/SC: 286 km long
Grão Pará: Alcântara/MA – Açailândia/MA: 520 km long
Planalto Piauí Holdings: Suape/PE – Curral Novo/PI: 717 km long
Campo Grande Farm: Intermodal Terminal in Santo André/SP: 7 km long
Macro Desenvolvimento Ltda.: Presidente Kennedy/ES – Conceição do Mato Dentro/MG – Sete Lagoas/MG: 610 km long
Petrocity: Barra de São Francisco/ES – Brasília (DF): 1,108 km in length
Direction: Santos – Cubatão – Guarujá/SP – 37 km
Direction: Água Boa – Lucas do Rio Verde/MT: 508 km long
Direction: Uberlândia/MG – Chaveslândia/MG: 276.5 km long
Bracell: Lençóis Paulistas (SP): 4.29 km long
Bracell: Lençóis Paulistas-Pederneiras (SP): 19.5 km long
Morro do Pilar Minerais SA: Colatina –


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