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2021/2022 CROP

Agricultural production in the next crop is expected to reach 290 million tons
Brazilian agricultural production should reach 289.8 million tons in the 2021/2022 harvest - Photo: Stock Images
Brazilian agricultural production should reach 289.8 million tons in the 2021/2022 harvest, an increase of 14.7% compared to the previous harvest. The estimate is in the 2nd Grain Crop Survey 2021/2022, released this Thursday morning (11/11) by the National Supply Company (Conab).
In relation to the total cultivated area, the estimate for this crop is 71.8 million hectares, an increase of 4.1% compared to the previous crop. This projection includes first crop crops, sown between August and December this year, second crop, which will be planted between January and April 2022, and third crop crops, sown between mid-April and June of next year . "We, here at Conab, try and improve our methodologies, in the accuracy of the data, to convey in a true way, in a real way, what these data can contribute to the real production of grains for the country and for the world”, highlighted the CEO of Conab, Guilherme Augusto Sanches Ribeiro.
One of the highlights is the increase in soybean production, with growth of 3.5% in the area to be cultivated and estimated production of 142 million tons, which maintains the country as the world's largest producer and exporter of this cereal.
Corn production, which was severely affected by weather issues in the previous harvest, should record a production volume of 116.7 million tons, an increase of 2.5% in the area to be cultivated in the first harvest.
Another product that registered expansion of the sown area is cotton, which will occupy an area of ??1.49 million hectares, an increase of 9.3%. The production estimate is 2.65 million tons of lint.
The Conab bulletin also shows a growth of 0.3% in the area to be sown with rice and a forecast harvest of 11.5 million tons. As for edible beans, the estimate is that the total production is 3.1 million tons in the three harvests.
In the case of wheat, the 2021 crop is still being harvested, with a production volume currently forecast at 7.68 million tons.
climate analysis
According to Conab, October registered high volumes of rain, surpassing the average in several locations in the South, Southeast and Center-West regions, which favors planting. About 67% of the 2021/2022 crop is already sown. “This year, crops are already following their staggered calendar, different from the delay that occurred last year”, emphasizes Candice Santos, Agricultural Information Superintendent at Conab.
Conab forecasts that 84.42 million tons of soy from the 2021/2022 harvest will be sold on the international market, an increase of 3.58% compared to 2020. For cotton, the estimate is that 2.1 million tons of fiber is exported.
For corn, the estimate of 20 million tons exported for the crop year, which runs from February 2021 to January 2022, was reduced.
Regarding the prices received by producers, the survey carried out by Conab registered the following fluctuations in the month of October, compared to the month of September: decrease of 4.4% in rice prices in RS; 6.04% for colored beans in SP; 6.63% for black beans in PR; 3.04% in corn in PR; 0.51% reduction in the price of wheat in PR; and 3% for soybeans in MT. On the other hand, price increases for producers were 0.92% for soybeans in PR, 2.8% for corn in MT and 10.98% for cotton prices in MT.
Report card
This is the 2nd Grain Crop Survey 2021/2022, held between October 17th and 23rd. In all, there are 12 surveys released monthly by Conab. The bulletin monitors the development conditions of the country's main crops: cotton, peanuts, rice, oats, canola, rye, barley, beans, sunflowers, castor beans, corn, soybeans, sorghum, wheat and triticale. Soy and corn account for 90% of Brazilian agricultural production.
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