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INSS improves services and facilitates the provision of services to citizens
The Meu INSS app has about 38 million monthly hits. - Photo: Archive / Brazil Agency
The National Social Security Institute (INSS) reaches a large part of Brazilian families and access to its services is already part of the routine. Whether for the acquisition of aid, benefits, or even for administrative resources, the INSS works to promote the recognition of rights for each citizen. Based on this, the autarchy works together with Dataprev to automate and modernize the provision of services.
This Wednesday morning (10/11), the panel "Dataprev's Performance in the Automatic Recognition of INSS Rights", with the Director of Relationship and Business at Dataprev, Alan do Nascimento Santos, presented the actions aimed at facilitating and streamlining service to the public. The event is part of the 2021 Innovation Week.
Currently, the INSS reaches a large portion of society, mainly through electronic means. There are more than 90 remote service options provided by the municipality.
The Meu INSS app has about 38 million monthly hits. "Fulfilling these accesses, we have 19 million interactions with the INSS chatbot, accumulating there, since it was implemented, around 3 million operations per month", highlighted the director of Dataprev.
digital transformation
INSS services have been modernized since 2017. This process began with encouraging more and more people to use the application or other remote means to schedule face-to-face assistance. During the service, information was collected that resulted in a request, a protocol, which would be analyzed by INSS specialists. From there, the process moved to its completion stage.
This flow underwent changes and was perfected in 2018. The process started with an application made remotely, moving on to the analysis process by INSS technicians and then moving on to decision-making and conclusion.
From then on, in 2018, another phase of gradual improvement began. Now automation is not only restricted to the application process, but also to analysis and completion in a fully digital way. This process involves validating information, applying rules and making decisions. When the application does not have enough elements for an automatic decision, it continues to be forwarded to the INSS technicians. “The idea is that we direct these more complex processes to human analysis and automatically deal with everything that is possible”, explained the director.
Automated Flows
According to Dataprev, services such as retirement due to contribution time and age, maternity pay and the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC), for the elderly and people with disabilities, already have automated flows, which ensure a more agile and easier service.
Among the next processes to be automated are: denials, pension for death, special insured (farmers, farmers and professions that are not urban in nature), court decisions and analysis of administrative appeals. “Few families are not reached by INSS services, so this service is a way of bringing technology and citizenship to people”, concluded director Alan do Nascimento.
About Innovation Week
The 2021 Innovation Week is organized by the National School of Public Administration (Enap), the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (Flacso) and the Ministry of Economy with the aim of disseminating innovative projects among agents as a way to present trends and possibilities for the transformation of organizations.
The event started on Tuesday (9/11) and runs until the 12th, Friday. Entries are free and can be made through the event's official website: gov.br/enap/ Semanadeinovacao.
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