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Federal Government launches “Mega Vaccination” campaign to reinforce the immunization of Brazilians against Covid-19
From November 20th to 26th, vaccination posts across the country will be prepared to intensify the immunization of Brazilians - Photo: Walterson Rosa/Ministry of Health
With more than 350 million Covid-19 vaccines distributed, the largest vaccination campaign in the history of Brazil makes an important call to Brazilians who have not yet completed the vaccination cycle. More than 21 million people need to return to vaccination posts to take the second dose. With the slogan "Half protection is not protection", the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Health, launched this Tuesday (16/11) the Mega Vaccination campaign, which targets the entire population above 18 years.
Next Saturday (11/20), the campaign will have a national mobilization to reinforce the importance of the population completing the vaccination cycle, that is, taking the two doses, even after the deadline recommended by the vaccine manufacturers. In addition, those who are about to take the booster dose cannot waste any time. That's because the campaign also calls attention to the need to strengthen immunity against the disease.
According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, São Paulo, with 4.1 million people; and Minas Gerais, with more than 2.2 million, are the states that have the most Brazilians in this situation. Among Brazilians who have not yet completed the vaccination cycle, 2.9 million are between 30 and 34 years old, the age group with the largest number of people who have not returned to the vaccination post.
over 18 years old
The campaign announces yet another important step for the immunization of Brazilians: the expansion of the booster dose for the entire adult population. Altogether, 158 million people over 18 are part of the target audience for the booster dose.
From now on, the interval for applying the booster dose also changes, reducing it from six to five months after the completion of the vaccine cycle. The recommendation applies to all immunizing agents used in the campaign. This guidance is based on scientific research that indicates a drop in the immune response, especially from the fifth month after the second dose.
From now on, more than 100 million Brazilians are able to take the booster dose, that is, they have already completed the immunization five months ago or more. The Ministry of Health forecasts that 12.5 million people take the booster dose in November and 2.9 million in December.
This dose was recommended only for health professionals, elderly people over 60 years of age and immunosuppressed. From this audience, around 11 million Brazilians have already taken the reinforcement.
Preliminary results from an Oxford University study on the booster dose, commissioned by the Ministry of Health, show that the heterologous regimen - the combination of different vaccines - significantly increases immunity. The guideline is that the booster is applied, preferably, with the Pfizer vaccine. In the absence of this immunizing agent, it can be applied to Astrazeneca or Janssen.
Janssen's vaccine
The Ministry of Health updated the Janssen vaccine recommendation, previously applied as a single dose. From now on, a second dose of Janssen will be given eight weeks after the first. After completing the vaccination cycle, a booster dose will be applied within the period of five months recommended by the ministry.
The Ministry of Health's guidance follows a global trend. In the United States, for example, Janssen's immunization is also being reinforced. "Those who took Janssen will complete the vaccination schedule. Although it is a single dose, it is up to us [Ministry of Health] to define. 19, Rosana Leite de Melo.
From November 20th to 26th, vaccination posts across the country will be prepared to intensify the immunization of Brazilians. The campaign will be broadcast on TV, radio, internet and other media as of this Wednesday (11/17).
With information from the Ministry of Health
Health and Health Surveillance


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