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Expansion of wind power plants in the country breaks record in 2021, according to Aneel
Wind energy is obtained from the force of the wind. - Photo: Agência Brasil
In 2021, Brazil set a record for the expansion of energy from wind power plants. The previous record had been set in 2014. Wind power plants currently account for 11.11% of the Brazilian energy matrix, producing renewable energy with low environmental impact. Wind power plants currently constitute 20.1 gigawatts of installed power.
Data from the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) show that in 2021 the expansion of installed capacity of electricity from wind power in Brazil reached 3,051.29 megawatts, considering data for November. In 2014, when the previous record was reached, 2,786 megawatts were released for commercial operation in the country.
According to Aneel, the perspective is that wind energy continues to expand next year. "Currently, there are about 5.5 gigawatts of wind power plants under construction in the country, and today we estimate that 2.95 gigawatts will come into operation throughout 2022, which represents a value equivalent to 2021", informed the Agency.
Wind energy is obtained from the force of the wind. Through an aerogenerator, the kinetic energy of air currents is transformed into electrical energy. It is a clean energy source, with low levels of greenhouse gas emissions.
Expansion of energy generation supply in the country
This November, Aneel released projects with a total power of 561.13 megawatts for commercial operation. In 2021, the installed capacity to date is 6,436.11 megawatts. Of this total, 3,051.29 megawatts (47.41%) came from wind power, 2,038.91 megawatts (31.68%) from thermoelectric plants, 1,252.17 megawatts (19.46%) from solar photovoltaic plants and 89 .22 megawatts (1.39%) from small hydroelectric power plants.
The generation expansion goal for this year was 4,790.4 megawatts and was surpassed by Aneel in September. In 2021, plants were opened or reopened in 20 states in the five regions of the country. The biggest increase in generation capacity occurred in Rio Grande do Norte (1,358.70 megawatts), followed by Bahia (1,343.19 megawatts) and Rio de Janeiro (1,338.30 megawatts).
Regarding the perspectives for 2022, the main highlight, according to Aneel, will be solar energy, as it will be the first year in which this source will represent the largest increase in centralized generation in the country, with approximately 4.5 gigawatts, surpassing the wind generation itself.
Monitoring the expansion of the supply of electricity generation covers all projects being implemented in the national territory, regardless of the source of energy.


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