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The road sector ends the year with the conclusion of works that bring benefits to transport in the country
The perspective for 2022 is that more than 13 thousand kilometers will be auctioned with a projected contracting of R$ 100 billion. - Photo: Minfra
In 2021, around two thousand kilometers of highways underwent works to optimize the transport of cargo across the country. And make travel faster and safer for those who pass through the federal lanes. The Ministry of Infrastructure carried out 80 deliveries and R$3.1 billion were invested.
“We are finishing this year with more than two thousand kilometers of new highways delivered, there are duplications, restorations, restorations, new paving. Many bridges that even separated federation units from the rest of Brazil”, said the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas.
The road works have already exceeded four thousand kilometers since 2019. This year, there were three concessions that ensured an additional R$ 24.5 billion in investments.
The perspective for 2022 is that more than 13 thousand kilometers will be auctioned with a projected contracting of R$ 100 billion. “The year 2022 will arrive in the same line, with more delivery of works, with more auctions held, with more celebration on the stock exchange and with a lot of contracted investment. So, Brazil is going to become a major construction site and infrastructure is going to be a great lever for the country's development, for the generation of jobs”, said minister Tarcísio.
historic auction
This year, the largest road auction in history was held. It was the re-bidding of Dutra, a project that now also involves the BR-101, in the connection between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The two highways will receive nearly R$ 15 billion in investments to expand their capacity, such as the implementation of 600 kilometers of additional lanes. It's the equivalent of “quadrupling” the highway in each direction.
“It was the year of the Nova Dutra auction, R$ 15 billion in investment with tariff reduction. So, we show that the Government's strategy was correct", evaluated the minister.
Among the duplications completed in 2021 are the 168 kilometers of lanes on the BR-163/364/MT, between Cuiabá and Rondonópolis, a project that improves the competitiveness of Mato Grosso's agribusiness.
And the duplication of almost 50 kilometers of lanes in Bahia, on important routes such as the BR-101, between Feira de Santana and Entre Rios, and the BR-116, from Feira de Santana to Santa Bárbara. Also in Bahia, the paving of more than 77 kilometers of the BR-235, between the municipalities of Jeremoabo and Canché, was delivered.
The Ministry of Infrastructure was also present in duplications on the BR-470, in Santa Catarina, and on the BR-101, in Sergipe.
bridge construction
In Rondônia, the Abunã Bridge, on BR-364, was completed, an old demand of the population for the connection between Acre and the rest of the country. Until then, crossing the Madeira River was only made by ferries. Now, a journey that took an average of two hours is done in less than five minutes.
“We delivered the Abunã Bridge, at the tip of the state of Rondônia, almost on the border with the state of Acre, which was one thing that separated the state of Acre from the rest of Brazil. It was a bad thing for truck drivers and entrepreneurs who passed by. It's something that brought hope and enthusiasm to that region”, reported the Minister of Infrastructure.
He also mentioned the delivery of the bridge over the Parnaíba River, on BR 235/PI, connecting the municipalities of Santa Filomena/PI and Alto Parnaíba/MA, between Piauí and Maranhão, and meeting the demand of grain producers for the outflow of productions. And the new bridge over the São Francisco River, on the border between Alagoas and Sergipe.
Projects for 2022
An auction scheduled for 2022 in the road area is for six road lots in Paraná, which add up to more than R$ 44 billion in private contributions.
Two other projects are also at an advanced stage for auction. One is the BR-381/262/MG/ES, with a private contribution of around R$7.3 billion. Another, from BR-116/493/465/RJ/MG, on the connection between Rio de Janeiro and Governador Valadares (MG), with investments of more than R$9 billion.
The folder also advances towards the holding of the BR-040/495/MG/RJ, BR-040/DF/GO/MG and four lots in the Center-North, crossing the states of Goiás, Mato Grosso and Rondônia.
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