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Published on 01/04/2022 1:34 PM Updated on 01/04/2022 2:24 PM
Trade Balance records a surplus of US$ 61 billion in 2021
The value represents a growth of 21.1% compared to 2020. - Photo: Stock photos
Brazilian trade balance closed the year 2021 with a surplus of US$ 61 billion. The value represents a growth of 21.1% compared to 2020 and surpassed the record of US$ 56 billion in 2017. The balance is positive when the country exports more than it imports. The data were released this Monday (03/01) by the Ministry of Economy.
“We had a record balance of US$61 billion. We also had a record export value for the historical series in 2021”, highlighted the foreign trade secretary at the Ministry of Economy, Lucas Ferraz.
The positive balance of the Brazilian trade balance in 2021 is the result of US$ 280.4 billion in exports and US$ 219.4 billion in imports. Exports in 2021 grew 34% compared to 2020, while imports grew 38.2%.
The current of trade was US$ 499.8 billion, which represents a growth of 35.8% compared to 2020. "This is the most important indicator of international insertion and increase in our productivity", said secretary Lucas Ferraz.
In 2021, exports grew in prices (28.3%) and exported quantities (3.5%) compared to the previous year. An increase in Brazilian exports was registered, mainly to the United States (44.9%), Mercosur (37%), Association of Southeast Asian Nations - Asean (36.8%), European Union (32.1%) and China (28%).
“The growth in exports was quite diversified. Here, I draw attention to our recovery of trade flows with important economies such as the United States and the European Union”, observed Lucas Ferraz.
Regarding products, there was an increase of 26.3% in the export of goods from the transformation industry, such as semi-finished steel (101.3%), fuel oils (43.7%), pig iron (36%), machinery and equipment for engineering and construction (63.7%) and passenger cars (20.8%).
There was a growth of 62.4% in sales of extractive industry products, including iron ore (72.9%) and oil (54.3%). And 22.2% growth in exports of agricultural products, mainly soy, with a 35.3% increase.
In imports, there was an increase in prices (14.2%) and imported quantities (21.8%) in 2021. Imports coming mainly from Mercosur (44.7%), United States (41.3%), China increased (36.7%), Association of Southeast Asian Nations - Asean (31.1%) and European Union (26.2%).
There was an increase in demand for inputs and intermediate products of 45.7%. Among them, agricultural, electronic and petrochemical inputs. There was an 87.1% growth in fuel imports and 89% in electricity imports. In addition to 77.1% in the import of medicines, specifically vaccines.
Perspectives for 2022
The initial forecast for 2022 is that exports will reach a total value of US$ 284.3 billion and imports will reach US$ 204.9 billion, ending the year with a surplus of US$ 79.4 billion. The foreign trade secretary at the Ministry of Economy, Lucas Ferraz, informed that the projections are updated every quarter.
“We are working with an increase in our exports, in relation to the record value this year, of 1.4%, therefore, something in the order of US$ 284 billion. Imports a little weaker compared to this year, reflecting, naturally, an economy that is slowly returning to pre-pandemic growth rates”, detailed Lucas Ferraz.
Commerce in December
The Ministry of Economy also released the results of the Brazilian trade balance for December 2021. The registered surplus was US$ 3.9 billion, a result of US$ 24.3 billion in exports and US$ 20.4 billion in imports. The trade flow was US$ 44.8 billion.
In exports, compared to the averages of December 2021 with December 2020, there was growth of 26.3%. In relation to imports, there was growth of 24%.
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