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Published on 01/05/2022 15:11
Federal Government authorizes the release of an additional R$ 4 million for municipalities in Bahia affected by heavy rains
The National Civil Defense has already recognized the emergency situation in 130 cities in Bahia due to heavy rains. - Photo: MDR
The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Regional Development (MDR), authorized this Tuesday (01/04), the release of an additional R$ 4 million to continue the response and humanitarian assistance actions in Bahian municipalities hit by heavy rains since the end of November. The ordinances with the release of resources were published in the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU). In total, the Federal Government has guaranteed, so far, the transfer of R$ 130 million and still foresees other releases in the coming days.
With the new ordinances, 14 cities were benefited. They are: Laje, Ilhéus, Nilo Peçanha, Tanhaçu, Jussiape, Ubaitaba, Jitaúna, Uruçuca, Teolândia, Ruy Barbosa, Ubatã, Ubaíra, Dário Meira and Gandu. In all, 62 municipalities have guaranteed transfers.
Emergency situation
The National Civil Defense has already recognized the emergency situation in 130 cities in Bahia due to heavy rains. With federal recognition, municipalities affected by natural disasters can request resources from the MDR to serve the affected population, restore essential services and rebuild infrastructure equipment damaged by the disaster.
The request must be made through the Integrated Disaster Information System (S2iD). Based on the information sent, the technical team of the National Civil Defense assesses the targets and the requested amounts. Upon approval, an Ordinance is published in the Federal Official Gazette specifying the amount to be released.
So far, the performance of the National Civil Defense in Bahia includes the following actions:
• Recognition of emergency situation in 130 municipalities: Recognition of the emergency situation is necessary for the municipality to request resources from the MDR;
• Guarantee of release of R$130 million transfer to 62 municipalities;
• Mobilization of teams from the Disaster Support Group (GADE);
• Installation of command posts in Itamaraju and Eunápolis in the first occurrences and, recently, in Ilhéus;
• Articulation with the bodies of the National Civil Defense and Protection System (Sinpdec) aiming at providing immediate assistance to the affected population;
• Articulation with municipal and state Civil Defenses;
• Activation of the Navy, Army and Air Force for support with aircraft;
• Mobilization of a joint operation to serve the affected region with the participation of the Military Police, the Military Fire Department, the Federal Highway Police, the Civil House, the National Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DNIT), the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin ) and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC), the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama), the Voluntary Motherland and the Ministries of Defense, Health, Citizenship and of Communications;
• Daily meetings with federal agencies to define joint actions to support municipalities, in addition to weather forecasts and production of daily reports and forms with updated information on the operation.


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