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The Federal Government published, on Thursday (05/01), Law No. 14,293/2022, which institutes the Over-the-Counter Sales Program (ProVB) with the objective of promoting small animal breeders' access to public corn stocks. According to the standard, the National Supply Company (Conab) may sell the product to the breeder who has the Declaration of Aptitude for the National Program for Strengthening Family Agriculture (DAP-Pronaf) active, or another document that will replace it. there.
“The program was previously operated by Conab through ordinances, which had to be published annually,” explains the Company's Operations and Supply director, José Trabulo Júnior. "With the enactment of the law, the maintenance of the program and the development of one of the most representative segments of the national economy, which is the production of animal protein, is assured."
The president of Conab, Guilherme Ribeiro, also highlighted the importance of publishing the law. “The corn to be acquired will certainly contribute to the maintenance of small farmers in their activity, consequently ensuring income and jobs,” he said.
The established rule also provides for the inclusion of aquaculture farmers among the public benefiting from the Program. “To guarantee this access, Conab will also carry out a study on the per capita consumption to serve the herds and the method for inspecting these creations”, ponders the superintendent of Social Supply at the Company, Diracy Lacerda.
Purchase of corn
With the enactment of the law, Conab gains a new tool to acquire corn in order to supply the Over-the-Counter Program, in addition to the Minimum Price Guarantee Policy (PGPM). The purchase operation will be established annually by an Interministerial Ordinance of the Ministries of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) and of the Economy, and cannot exceed 200 thousand tons. In exceptional situations, this limit can be changed. The measure aims to ensure the regular supply of inputs to numerous rural properties, especially after the corn crop failure.
It is noteworthy that the PGPM is an important tool to reduce fluctuations in the income of rural producers and ensure a minimum remuneration, acting as a guide for the supply of food, encouraging or discouraging production and ensuring the regularity of national supply. According to this rule, the Federal Government may purchase any products covered by the Policy, as long as the prices paid to producers are below the established minimum.
Over-the-Counter Sales Program
The purpose of ProVB is to promote access for small animal breeders to the public corn stock. Beneficiaries of the program will be small animal breeders, including aquaculturists, characterized in accordance with the national policy on family farming. The volume allowed for purchase by producer is evaluated according to the size of the herd, and cannot exceed the maximum limit of 27 tons per month.
To have access to the Program, the interested party must be registered in the National Registration System of Rural Producers, PAA Public, Cooperatives, Associations and other Agents (Sican), of Conab, in addition to being in good standing with the Registration and Control System Defaulters (Sircoi), from Conab, among other requirements.
With information from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply
Agriculture and Livestock


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