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Posted on 01/27/2022 14:02
For the second year in a row, the Special Secretariat for Sport invests 100% of the budget
JEB's resumed in 2021. Competitions took place at Barra Olympic Park, in Rio de Janeiro. - Photo: Ronaldo Caldas/ Min. Citizenship
In a year marked by Brazil's enormous success at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and by the largest edition of the Brazilian School Games (JEB's) in history, the Federal Government, through the Special Secretariat for Sport of the Ministry of Citizenship, closed 2021 with investment of practically 100% of the budget of programs and projects served by the ministry.
Of the BRL 874.67 million in the 2021 budget, BRL 872.33 million, or 99.73% of the resources, were committed to programs and projects of various natures. Despite the difficulties imposed by another year marked by the Covid-19 health crisis on a global scale, the value was fundamental for Brazilian sport to continue on its path of development in several areas, in school, social and high performance sports.
“Although we have not yet returned to normality in the world sports scenario due to the pandemic, 2021 was a very positive year for national sport. For this year, we hope to invest the entire budget again and we will work towards it, always talking to all the actors and seeking to support as many projects and programs as possible”, said Marcelo Magalhães, Special Secretary for Sport at the Ministry of Citizenship.
Among agreements, transfer contracts, promotion terms and decentralized execution terms, the Special Secretariat for Sport signed 1,088 partnerships with states, municipalities, civil organizations linked to sport, universities and federal institutes.
Of the total committed in 2021, most of the resources, R$ 470.84 million, were dedicated to the implementation and modernization of infrastructure for educational, recreational and leisure sports. Last year, the Sports Infrastructure Department (DIE) began the exercise with the objective of renovating, adapting or building a thousand sports-related works throughout the country. The goal was easily exceeded and more than 1,500 works were delivered. The resources were applied both in these works and in others, which will still be completed in 2022.
The Department of Sport, Education, Leisure and Social Inclusion (SNELIS) ??– responsible both for supporting JEB'S and for programs such as Segundo Tempo, Brincando com o Esporte e Esporte e Lazer da Cidade – invested R$ 208.28 million from the budget for the development of activities and support for sports, education, leisure and social inclusion projects and events.
In terms of high performance, Bolsa Atleta, one of the largest direct financing programs for athletes on the planet, was responsible for the commitment of R$ 119.40 million.
Other actions, such as the implementation of high-performance sports infrastructure; promoting and supporting the development of men's and women's football and defending supporters' rights; preparation of athletes and training of human resources for high performance sport; development and execution of the national anti-doping policy; management and maintenance of the Olympic legacy and the promotion and development of parasports were responsible for more than R$ 67 million of effort.
With information from the Ministry of Citizenship
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