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Published 04/02/2022 17:33 Updated 04/02/2022 23:05
Ordinance is signed establishing the new salary floor for basic education teachers
The adjustment will benefit more than 1.7 million teachers across the country. - Photo: Valdenio Vieira/PR
The decree establishing the new value of the National Professional Salary Floor for Professionals in the Public Teaching of Basic Education was signed, this Friday (04/020), by the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro. The category floor for 2022 will be BRL 3,845.63. At the ceremony, at Palácio do Planalto, two public notices were also launched with 168,000 places in training courses for teachers.
The 33.24% readjustment is the largest salary adjustment granted to the category since the creation of the Floor Law, in 2008. A total of 1,726,099 teachers will be entitled to the new floor, according to the Ministry of Education.
President Jair Bolsonaro reported that he could grant the minimum readjustment of 7% and the maximum of 33.24% and, in conversation with the Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro, decided on the highest percentage.
“We discussed the issue of this readjustment for basic education teachers. There were, yes, many requests from state and municipal chief executives wanting 7%. I talked to Milton [Ribeiro]. Whose money is it? Who passes this money on to them? It’s us, the Federal Government,” he said.
“I have always done one thing in my life, I learned early on, when I served in Nioaque, Mato Grosso do Sul, [to] put myself on the other side of the counter and, together with Milton, we are going to put ourselves on the other side of the counter”, highlighted President Jair Bolsonaro. "So we decided on 33%. It's a way we have, a way to value one million seven hundred thousand elementary school teachers in Brazil, who will be directly involved with 38 million students", he added.
"So we decided on 33%. It's a way we have, a way to value one million seven hundred thousand elementary school teachers in Brazil, who will be directly involved with 38 million students", he added.
The national floor of the category is the minimum amount that must be paid to public teachers of basic education, at the beginning of their careers, for a maximum of 40 hours per week. Law 11,738 of 2008, which establishes the floor, establishes that readjustments must occur every year, in January.
Incentive to continuing education
The two notices launched during the ceremony are for undergraduate and graduate courses for teachers of basic education. The first is the Open University of Brazil (UAB), which offers distance learning courses. The 137 public higher education institutions that are part of the UAB System must submit their proposals for the courses.
There are 156,000 vacancies, of which 91,000 are for undergraduate courses, 39,000 for specialization for in-service teachers and 6,120 for partnership with the Department of Professional and Technological Education of the Ministry of Education. Another 20,000 vacancies will be allocated to municipal, state and federal public agents for projects to develop the local economy.
The second public notice is from the National Basic Education Teacher Training Program (Parfor), aimed at teachers who do not have specific training in the area in which they work in the classroom. In 2022 and 2023, 12,000 vacancies will be offered to educators working in the public education network, in degree courses in the areas of knowledge in which they work. The courses will have a maximum duration of five years.
The public notice will select proposals from non-profit institutions of higher education, public and private, for the offer of vacancies. In an attempt to reduce regional contrasts, the distribution of the 12 thousand vacancies will occur as follows: 4.6 thousand for the Northeast, 3.2 thousand for the North, 2 thousand for the Southeast, 1.2 thousand for the South and 1 thousand to the Midwest.
Approved proposals will receive funding for grants and funding. Institutions with approved courses must open selection in August this year and in March 2023.
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