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Gross Value of Agricultural Production in 2022 is estimated at R$ 1.2 trillion
The contribution of crops to the VBP is 72%, and livestock, 28% - Photo: Mapa
The estimate of the Gross Value of Agricultural Production (GVP) for 2022, based on information from January, is BRL 1.204 trillion, 4.3% higher than last year (BRL 1.154 trillion). The growth in the value of crops was 10.3% and livestock had a retraction of 8.6%. The contribution of crops to the VBP is 72%, and livestock, 28%.
A wide range of products shows a favorable contribution to the growth of agriculture this year. Production expectations are generally good, and prices are favorable for many products, such as cotton, coffee, peanuts, sugarcane, oranges and corn. The highlights are cotton with a real GVP growth of 35.1%, peanuts 14.2%, bananas 16.9%, coffee 64.1%, sugarcane 31.6%, oranges 7.0%, corn 21 .9%, and tomato, 21.4%. These results, even exceptional for some products, put this group in great prominence, as responsible for driving growth this year.
Negative contributions, however, have been observed in rice, potatoes, cocoa, soybeans and grapes, which have been experiencing a reduction in quantities produced and prices. Some of these, such as rice and soybeans, were directly influenced by droughts in the South.
With less favorable results, livestock has a retraction in growth, observed in beef, chicken, swine and eggs. The strongest retractions occur in pork and chicken, with prices at a lower level than in 2021.
Drought impacts in the South
The regional results of the VBP show some impacts of the drought in the South, which mainly affected Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná. The most affected crops were soybeans and corn, although there is also an impact on livestock, due to reduced food supply. Even irrigated areas were impacted, such as rice fields. In Rio Grande do Sul, where irrigated rice predominates, the drop in production was 10.3%. In corn crops, the reduction in production was 32.0%, and soybeans, 33.9%, according to Conab.
In Paraná, crop production also had a reduction. Soybean had a drop given by the difference between 19.8 million tons in 2021 to 13.2 million in 2022, in turn, the VBP of this product fell from R$ 87.5 billion to 83.7 billion.
Paraná, which occupied the second place in the ranking of VBP values ??by state, gave way to São Paulo, which improved due to the good results of sugarcane, coffee and oranges. The worst performance that has been occurring in Paraná is also due to the results of livestock, which show a strong reduction this year, mainly chicken meat.
What is VBP
The VBP shows the evolution of the performance of crops and livestock throughout the year, corresponding to revenue within the establishment. It is calculated based on agricultural and livestock production and the prices received by producers in the country's 26 largest national agricultural products.
The real value of production is obtained, discounted for inflation, by the General Price Index - Internal Availability (IGP-DI), of Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). The frequency is monthly with updates and disclosure until the 15th of each month.
With information from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply
Agriculture and Livestock
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