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Posted on 02/15/2022 18:18 Updated 02/15/2022 18:20
Registration for the first 2022 edition of Sisu is now open
The best-ranked candidates are selected according to their exam scores - Photo: Agência Brasil
Students who took the 2021 National High School Exam (Enem) test can now apply for vacancies in public higher education through the Unified Selection System (Sisu). Registration for the first edition of 2022 of Sisu started this Tuesday (02/15) and goes until 11:59 pm on the 18th, Brasília time. Administration, civil engineering, law, pedagogy, chemistry and biological sciences are among the courses with the highest number of vacancies.
Sisu is the Ministry of Education's computerized system, in which public higher education institutions offer vacancies for candidates participating in the Enem. The best ranked candidates are selected according to their exam scores.
“The Ministry of Education offers, through Sisu, 221,790 places for admission to public higher education institutions. Eighty-five percent of the vacancies are for federal institutions. All information is available on the new portal, explained the Secretary of Higher Education at the Ministry of Education, Wagner Vilas Boas.
The 221,790 places offered are distributed across 6,146,000 undergraduate courses in 125 public higher education institutions. Minas Gerais is the state with the most vacancies available through the system (27,790), followed by Bahia (19,239) and Rio de Janeiro (17,361).
Students who took the 2021 Enem, did not get a zero in the essay and did not participate as a trainer can participate in Sisu. Interested parties can check, on the Sisu portal, the vacancies offered by competition modality, courses and shifts, institutions and location of the courses.
A student who wants to study geography, for example, by clicking on the item List of Courses, checks the vacancies available in 146 geography courses offered by federal institutions in 25 states. In each of them, the number of vacancies, course shift and campus location are detailed. And also if there are vacancies for affirmative action.
how to sign up
Enrollment is done exclusively online, through Acesso Único, a new portal that brings together all forms of access to higher education organized by the Ministry of Education. The student clicks on Sisu, at the top of the portal, and sees where to register. The Ministry of Education has made available a video with a tutorial to guide candidates about Sisu.
Link to the Single Portal.
Link to video tutorial.
On the Sisu website, when clicking on the button to register, the student must enter the data from their Single Registry of the Federal Government at access.gov.br. Anyone who does not yet have a registration must provide one.
When the candidate logs in to Sisu, the system automatically retrieves the scores obtained in the Enem edition valid for the selection process.
When registering, the candidate chooses up to two course options. To do so, simply click on “Register for the 1st option” and repeat this procedure for the 2nd course option. You can change course options throughout the enrollment period. The valid registration will be the last registered in the system.
It is important to pay attention to the choice of competition modality. There are two: broad competition and quota law (affirmative action).
To finish, just check the data of the choices, course and competition modality, as well as if you will have the documentation to be required for registration, and click on “Confirm my registration”.
Anyone who is not selected in either of the two course options indicated at the time of registration still has a chance. It is possible to compete for one of the vacancies through the Sisu waiting list. The candidate must be aware of the schedule to express interest in joining the waiting list.
Check the Sisu schedule
Registration: February 15th to 18th.
Result of the single call: February 22nd.
Enrollment: from February 23 to March 8.
Waiting list
Deadline for expressing interest in the waiting list: from 22 February to 8 March.
Convocation of those selected through the waiting list: from March 10th.


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