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Published 03/08/2022 18:41 Updated 03/09/2022 11:46
Federal government to rescue around 70 people who left Ukraine
The rescue operation begins with the takeoff of a KC-390 Millennium aircraft, from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), which leaves Brasilia for Warsaw, capital of Poland - Photo: - Photo: Ministry of Defense
The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) plane, which left for Poland on Monday (03/07), will rescue around 70 people, including Brazilian citizens and their Ukrainian family members, who left Ukraine and are under the care of diplomacy. Brazilian. The plane, model KC-390 Millennium, is scheduled to land in Warsaw this Wednesday (09/03). The group of repatriated Brazilians should arrive this Thursday (03/10) in Brazil.
On the flight, returnees will be able to bring their pets. For this, the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa), waived the presentation of an International Veterinary Certificate (CVI), issued or endorsed by veterinary authorities of the countries of origin of these animals, and the presentation of a certificate of vaccination or any other health certification during entry into the country. Upon arrival, passengers will be instructed by the International Agricultural Surveillance Agency (Vigiagro) on the sanitary procedures to be adopted in Brazil in relation to animals.
In addition to rescuing Brazilians, the Federal Government's Operation Repatriation is bringing humanitarian aid to victims of the Ukrainian war. That's 11.6 tons of donation for the Ukrainian population. Among the products are 50 water purifiers, of Brazilian technology and manufacture, with the capacity to filter around 300 thousand liters of water per day. The cargo also includes around 9 tons of highly nutritious dehydrated foods, equivalent to around 360,000 meals. Brazilian aid also comprises 500 kilos of essential supplies and medical items, totaling around 20,000 items donated by the Ministry of Health, without compromising national supply.
In addition to the cargo, the Ministry of Health sent a specialist doctor to carry out a health protocol, in the context of Covid-19, and assistance to any traveler in case of complications during the mission.
With the assistance of the Brazilian Embassy in Warsaw, the supplies will be unloaded at the Polish capital's airport and delivered to Ukraine, in coordination with the country's authorities.
Since the beginning of the conflicts, the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) and its Embassies in Kiev and other Eastern European countries, has supported the departure of more than 100 Brazilians from Ukraine. They headed to bordering countries, mainly to Poland and Romania.
Itamaraty informs that it continues to provide consular assistance to Brazilians who are in the region. Among the emergency measures is the opening of two consular service posts in the cities of Lviv, located near the border with Poland and where Brazilians have been heading, and in Chisinau, capital of Moldova. The latter aims to facilitate assistance to Brazilians seeking to leave Ukraine via Romania.
The Embassy of Brazil in Romania has set up an outpost in the city of Siret, on the border with Ukraine, to reinforce the reception for Brazilians leaving the neighboring country. More than 130 Brazilians have already entered Romanian territory.
Brazilian citizens in Ukraine continue to have the support of local officials at the Embassy in Kiev, as well as the Brazilian Embassies in Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, which continue to operate support centers for Brazilians who are leaving Ukraine. The Brazilian community in Ukraine, before the conflict, was estimated at approximately 500 people.
temporary visas
The Brazilian Government is granting a temporary visa and residence permit for the purpose of humanitarian reception to the victims of the conflict in Ukraine. The document may be granted to Ukrainians and stateless persons (a person whose nationality is not recognized by any country) who have been affected or displaced by the armed conflict.
According to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP), the Brazilian Embassies in Warsaw, Budapest, Bucharest, Prague and Bratislava will be able to process visa applications for humanitarian reception. Interested parties should go to the aforementioned embassies or, if they are already in Brazilian territory, to the Federal Police stations.
The Federal Government is also facilitating the conditions of entry to the country for refugees to


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