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Posted on 03/17/2022 18:12
PRF alarm system helps locate missing persons
The Desaparecidos Sign was created to streamline communication with the PRF and make the service more efficient - Photo: PRF
A service offered by the Federal Highway Police (PRF) helps in locating missing persons. The Desaparecidos Sign was created to streamline communication with the PRF and make the service more efficient. To use the system is very simple: just access the website “desaparecidos.prf.gov.br” and fill in a form with the information of the informant and the missing person, such as name, telephone, address and details about the disappearance.
After registration, all federal highway police officers on duty, within a radius of 500 kilometers from the place of occurrence, will be immediately notified of the event. The PRF recommends registering as soon as possible to increase the chances of locating the missing person.
The service has been open 24 hours a day since February this year. In addition to the website, registration can also be done by phone, using the PRF emergency number, 191. According to the PRF, the first hours after the disappearance are essential in the location process, it is essential that the police agencies are called in the first moment after the disappearance is identified.
Also according to the corporation, last year almost 63 thousand cases of missing persons were registered in Brazil, which gives an average of more than 170 occurrences per day.
The PRF emphasizes that the registration in the Sinal Desaparecidos system does not replace the Police Occurrence Bulletin. The recommendation is that people who have missing family members also immediately notify the Civil Police of their state.
In addition to the Missing Sign, the PRF also has two other alarm systems to communicate to road police officers on duty the occurrences of vehicle theft/theft and theft/theft of animals or agricultural machinery, they are the Sinal and Sinal Agro systems, respectively.
The PRF also informs that communicating to an authority a criminal fact that did not exist, in addition to obstructing the service, is a crime provided for in article 340 of the Penal Code with the penalty of detention, from one to six months, or a fine.
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