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Posted on 03/28/2022 10:29 am
Federal Government reaches the mark of 10,000 Family Agriculture stamps issued in the country
The seal was created to identify and promote family farming products - Photo: Mapa
The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa), registered the issuance of the 10,000th National Seal of Family Agriculture (Senaf). Created to identify and promote family farming products, the seal is increasingly present on produce, juices, cosmetics, coffee, meat and handicrafts produced by family farmers in Brazil.
The five states with the highest number of products with Senaf are Rio Grande do Sul (1,962), Minas Gerais (1,190), Ceará (831), Espírito Santo (717) and Bahia (607). Of the total number of stamps issued, 8,871 were of the Senaf type for Family Agriculture; 449 Senaf Woman; 243 Senaf Empresas; 120 Senaf Quilombola; 118 Senaf Sociobiodiversity; 102 Senaf Indigenous and 97 Senaf Youth. All are geared towards family farming products, but each one has specific requirements for obtaining it.
The 10,000th seal was delivered to Agroindústria de Derivado da Cana-de-Açúcar, located in the municipality of Candelária, in Rio Grande do Sul, and commanded by Ari Arnaldo and Amélia Hennig. On Friday (03/25), the couple, who were exhibiting whipped molasses and toffee at the 20th Expoagro Afubra, went to the Mapa stand set up inside the fair and issued the stamp on the spot.
“What led us to request it was the opportunity to purchase it right here at the fair and the importance it has for consumers to know the origin of the products consumed, in addition to the appreciation and fortification of family farming. It was a great joy and pride to be able to acquire it here at the fair, even more so since it was number ten thousand. Our expectations are very good, as the seal only adds value to our products”, celebrates Ari Arnaldo Hennig.
Senaf has been increasingly requested by family farmers, so much so that the number of products with certification increased from 700, in 2019, to more than 10,000, in 2022. The demand is the result of measures adopted by the Secretariat of Family Agriculture and Mapa cooperativism that facilitated access to the seal.
According to the secretary of the portfolio, Márcio Cândido, to expand the reach, the procedures for requesting and renewing the seal were reformulated and can be done in a practical way over the internet. In addition, the secretariat began to issue Senaf at fairs and other events.
“Among the strategies used to increase the number of registered products are the availability of on-site service during trade promotion events, the dissemination of this policy through lectures on the seal and the reduction of bureaucracy in the request process, which can be done online form”, says Márcio Cândido.
The director of Cooperativism and Access to Markets at Mapa, Márcio Madalena, points out that, in addition to identifying products from family farming in Brazil, the seal strengthens the segment with consumers and the general public. “Senaf is an important tool that adds value to products and, at the same time, promotes their competitive access to the market. In addition, it strengthens the contact between those who consume and those who produce, giving visibility and traceability to the products”.
Senaf enhances the exposure and commercialization of family production by bringing it closer to the final consumer, giving them conditions to check the origin and characteristics of the product through a QR Code. By pointing the cell phone camera at the code printed on the seal, the consumer is directed to a web page, containing information about that product, such as state and municipality of origin, packaging specifications, nutritional value and the contact of the family producer.
To increase the visibility of products and bring those who consume to those who produce, Mapa makes available to citizens the Vitrine da Agricultura Familiar, a platform that presents the catalog with all those products identified with Senaf and their main information. On the Platform, consumers can find out which jams, coffees, wines, cookies, cheeses, hair creams, shampoos and other products have the seal.
How to apply for Senaf
The Seal can be requested by family farmers, cooperatives or associations of family farmers and companies. For this, it is necessary to have the Physical or Legal Aptitude Declaration (DAP); comply with legal obligations for the production and marketing of products; comply with health rules,


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