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Posted on 01/04/2022 09:50
gov.br drives digital transformation of the agricultural defense sector
A digital solution developed by one of the program's teams was made available to Brazilians: the Platform for Self-Control in Agricultural Defense - Photo: ME
Boosting the digital transformation of strategic services to simplify citizens' lives and reduce bureaucracy is the focus of the Ministry of Economy's (ME) Startup gov.br Program. On Wednesday (30/03), a digital solution developed by one of the program's teams was made available to Brazilians: the Platform for Self-Control in Agricultural Defense. The tool will allow, through integrated information, to reduce process costs, increase the efficiency of the service provided with gains in transparency and reduce bureaucracy in the relationship between public and private.
The platform is the result of a partnership between the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) through a cooperation agreement with the Competitive Brazil Movement (MBC), the Secretary of Debureaucratization, Management and Digital Government of the ME, via Startup gov.br , and the Secretary of State Modernization of the Presidency of the Republic. According to Mapa, with the implementation of self-control, society will benefit, since it will be able to count on products subject to a high level of control. In addition, the platform will allow for a more centralized action focused on the real needs of the sector, in addition to improving controls over production processes.
On the occasion, the special secretary for Debureaucratization, Management and Digital Government, Caio Mario Paes de Andrade, highlighted how the digital transformation of this area of ??the Map is a great achievement for digital government. “From now on, everything will be easier. The gov.br platform represents the fight against bureaucracy, the improvement of public administration and the digital transformation of the Brazilian State. We will be able to show that it is possible, yes, to make public policy through digital, use digital to get closer to society, use digital to save for the public sector and use digital to collect data from a sector that accounts for a fourth of the Brazilian GDP, which will have a giant digital transformation in the private sector”, he added.
In the presentation of this first stage of the platform, the APIs (Application Programming Interface) were delivered that enable the integration of external systems to self-control, as well as the access screens to the self-control adhesion module and to the laboratory routine of the controlled products. by the Map.
For the regulated sector, the implementation of the platform, in addition to eliminating paper controls, will offer greater security and simplification in the strategies of regulation, inspection and supervision. The tool, which was developed with cutting-edge technology, already has more than 475 thousand results available in Big Data.
What is Self-Control?
Moving away from the idea of ??self-inspection and self-regulation, self-control can be described as the ability of the private agent to implement, execute, monitor, verify and correct procedures for the production and distribution of agricultural inputs, food and products of animal or vegetable origin, in order to guarantee safety, identity, quality and safety.
In this way, the Self-Control Project should not be confused with the removal of agricultural defense controls from the production scenario. Self-control is a means of strengthening ties and taking advantage of the synergy between private and public controls, organized on a digital platform, generating relevant information for both in order to increase the efficiency of the productive sector and the Brazilian State.
With information from the Ministry of Economy


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