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Posted on 04/05/2022 18:15
National Civil Defense resources may be used to rebuild houses destroyed by disasters
They can be assisted with the reconstruction of houses for families with a monthly income of up to R$ 7 thousand - Photo: Dênio Simões/MDR
The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Regional Development (MDR), will establish guidelines and procedures so that Union resources can be used in the reconstruction of houses destroyed or permanently interdicted by disasters in municipalities that have obtained federal recognition of an emergency situation or state of public calamity.
The measure, which is valid for the entire country, was announced this Tuesday (04/05) by the Minister of Regional Development, Daniel Ferreira, during a visit to Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro. The holder of the MDR also announced the transfer of another R$ 740 thousand for civil defense actions in the city of Rio de Janeiro. On Monday (04/04), R$ 2.4 million had already been allocated.
They can be assisted with the reconstruction of houses for families with monthly income of up to R$ 7 thousand. For those who live in rural areas, the value is R$ 84 thousand per year. The action will only be granted to those who own the affected unit and who do not have another property of their own. In addition, beneficiaries of the Federal Government's housing program or those who have received economic subsidy benefits with Union resources intended for housing will not be able to apply for new housing. New housing units can only be built in areas that are not susceptible to disasters.
The MDR already had a legislative device for the erection of new housing units for those affected by disasters. Previously, the procedure went through transfers from the Residential Leasing Fund (FAR) and the National Housing Secretariat (SNH). Now, the values ??can also be transferred to states and municipalities directly by the National Secretariat for Civil Defense and Protection (Sedec).
Reconstruction will be limited by the number of homes actually destroyed or closed off by the disaster. If there is budget availability, other remaining houses that are close to the damaged units may be serviced, provided that the families in the affected area need to be relocated. Requests for interventions to prevent the reoccupation of the area that has been vacated may also be met.
Under the terms of the new Ordinance, the requesting entity must guarantee the necessary infrastructure for the habitability of the housing units to be rebuilt, accepting the request of financial resources from the Union for this purpose. This infrastructure includes works and services for paving, paving, rainwater drainage, household water connections, sewage collection network, electricity and lighting, limited to the area where the housing units will be located.
The request for reconstruction must be submitted to Sedec within 90 days after the occurrence of the disaster that caused the federal recognition of the emergency situation or state of public calamity by the MDR.
One-story or one-story houses or apartments can be built, with useful areas ranging from 36 m² to 39 m². The property may have adaptations according to the family's needs, such as accessibility for people with disabilities.
The ordinance also provides for the possibility for the beneficiary public entity to opt for the acquisition of existing urban residential properties, which must be regularized and have the finishing and habitability conditions provided for by the legislation.
In situations where there is the possibility of families being served by the Casa Verde e Amarela Program, Sedec will inform the federative entity. From this, states and municipalities will be able to formalize the application for joining the Federal Government housing program.
more transfers
Also in Angra dos Reis, Minister Daniel Ferreira announced this Tuesday the release of another R$740,000 to help with actions to respond to the heavy rains that have fallen on the city in recent days. Surveys show that, in just 48 hours, it rained the equivalent of six months.
The resource will be used to rent boats to serve populations that were isolated due to the rains. The ordinance authorizing the release was published in an extra edition of the Official Gazette (DOU) this Tuesday.
On Monday (04/04), the Federal Government had already allocated R$ 2.4 million to Angra dos Reis. The funds are intended for the purchase of food baskets, mattresses and personal hygiene kits


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