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Posted on 04/14/2022 11:33 am
Water Task Force continues with Funasa advancing in the Northeast
Since 2019, more than 850 thousand people from rural communities - Photo: Funasa
The Water Task Force, a Federal Government program, with the direct participation of the National Health Foundation (Funasa), continues to advance in the Northeast, where wells, cisterns, Simplified Water Supply Systems (SSAA) and desalination units are being delivered families in the states of Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte and Piauí.
In Ceará, more SSAA works have already been authorized, which will benefit 5,508 families from 54 locations, distributed in 23 municipalities in the state, where the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, ministers, and the president of Funasa, Miguel Marques, were in March, in the city of Quixadá, for the launch of the Water Task Force and delivery of works to 118 communities in 19 municipalities. "We are structuring and executing several SSAA projects, which will reach a total of 128 thousand families and 650 thousand people, with a total investment of R$ 382 million this year alone. In the Northeast Region alone, we inaugurated the implementation of 1.1 thousand wells water to serve 5,800 families. More than R$86 million will be invested in the state of Ceará this year, bringing water to almost 7,000 families. In Rio Grande do Norte, 209 wells were drilled and installed in 34 municipalities , with a forecast of 2015 wells until the end of 2022, benefiting 70 thousand families. In Piauí, in April, well installations will begin in 44 municipalities", said Miguel.
 In Rio Grande do Norte, more than 500 artesian wells were delivered to families in 59 municipalities, and by the end of the year another 1515 wells will be installed, totaling about 350 thousand families benefited. A feat that, for the superintendent of Funasa in Rio Grande do Norte, Pablo Tatim, means the largest water supply program in the history of the state. "We are drilling and installing 150 wells per month, and we will deliver, as of May, 200 wells distributed in all regions of Rio Grande do Norte, reaching the 166 municipalities in the interior of Potiguar by December", said superintendent Tatim, who amended : "Where the transposition does not arrive, we will arrive, and where there is a thirsty potiguar, there will be Funasa".
The installation of wells will also bring water to 3,492 families in Piauí, who live in 105 communities in 44 municipalities. To this end, the start of drilling and installation works, scheduled for this year, is just waiting for the issuance of work orders.
The works that bring water and citizenship, since 2019, have benefited more than 850 thousand people from more remote communities, who now have daily access to water, provided by wells and various supply systems, which eliminated the dependence on water trucks in places that until then lived with the lack of water. To this end, approximately BRL 1.2 billion was invested in the sector, of which BRL 600 million as of 2019, with deliveries already made; and another R$ 590 million that are being invested between 2021 and 2022, with deliveries scheduled for this year.
With information from Funasa


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