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Posted on 04/13/2022 15:36
Federal Government authorizes transfer of R$ 4.98 million to 33 Brazilian cities affected by natural disasters
The Federal Government will transfer R$ 4.98 million to 33 Brazilian cities affected by natural disasters - Photo: MDR
The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Regional Development (MDR), will transfer R$ 4.98 million to 33 Brazilian cities affected by natural disasters. The ordinances that authorize the resources were published in this Wednesday's edition (13/04) of the Official Gazette (DOU).
Of the 33 cities, 26 are in the southern region of the country and are facing the effects of the drought. In Rio Grande do Sul, the cities of Ametista do Sul (R$404,700), Barros Cassal (R$60,000), Catuípe (R$414,900), David Canabarro (R$527, 6 thousand), Dom Feliciano (R$ 486.2 thousand), Encruzilhada do Sul (R$ 45 thousand), Garruchos (R$ 155.3 thousand and R$ 9.6 thousand), Itaqui (R$ 163.2 thousand ), Lagoa Vermelha (R$ 28.6 thousand), Marcelino Ramos (R$ 20 thousand), Novo Machado (R$ 68.7 thousand), Pântano Grande (R$ 308.7 thousand), Santa Cruz do Sul (R$ $49,400), São Pedro do Butiá (R$251,900), Tapera (R$92,900), Tenente Portela (R$125,200) and Vista Alegre (R$44,600) ).
Also in the South Region, the cities of Campina da Lagoa (R$ 55,600), Marquinho (R$ 60,000), Roncador (R$ 44,400) and Umuarama (R$ 44,400) will also receive transfers for civil defense actions. 656.7 thousand), in Paraná, and Campo Belo do Sul (R$ 131.9 thousand), Campo Erê (R$ 35.9 thousand and R$ 111.8 thousand), Faxinal dos Guedes (R$ 40 thousand) , Paial (R$ 27.4 thousand) and Serra Alta (R$ 60 thousand), in Santa Catarina.
Municipalities in the South will use federal resources to purchase basic food baskets, fuel, cisterns, water reservoirs and rental of water trucks.
heavy rains
Another seven municipalities affected by heavy rains will also receive federal funds. In Mato Grosso, the city of Gaúcha do Norte will have R$ 196.5 thousand and Luciara, with R$ 297.7 thousand. The funds will be used to purchase food and personal hygiene kits, blankets and mattresses.
In the state of Minas Gerais, the city of Arinos will receive R$ 41,200 for the construction of wings and the recovery of a culvert landfill. Leme do Prado will have access to R$ 126,600 for the restoration of traffic and the construction of a retaining wall.
In Bahia, the municipality of Ibicaraí will receive R$ 87.3 thousand for the restoration of the water main, while Ubaíra will receive R$ 80.7 thousand for the restoration of cobblestone paving. Finally, Embu das Artes, in São Paulo, will have access to R$ 845,200 for the purchase of basic food baskets, cleaning and hygiene kits, mattresses and blankets.
How to apply for federal funds
After granting emergency status by the National Civil Defense, municipalities affected by disasters are able to request resources from the MDR to assist the affected population. Actions involve restoring essential services and rebuilding damaged infrastructure equipment.
The request must be made through the Integrated Disaster Information System (S2iD). Based on the information sent, the National Civil Defense technical team assesses the goals and requested values. Upon approval, an ordinance is published in the DOU specifying the amount to be released.
With information from the Ministry of Regional Development
Infrastructure, Traffic and Transport
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