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The possibility remains open for students to renegotiate Fies debts with discounts
The renegotiation provides for a discount of up to 92% on the outstanding balance and installments of debts in up to 150 months - Photo: Marcello Casal Jr/ Agência Brasil
Renegotiate Student Financing Fund (FIES) debts in an easy way. This is the opportunity that remains open for students who have a contract signed up to 2017 and who are in arrears for more than 90 days. The renegotiation provides for a discount of up to 92% on the outstanding balance and payment of debts in up to 150 months.
According to the Ministry of Education, more than 127,000 beneficiaries with defaulted Fies contracts have already accessed the renegotiation. As a result, approximately R$ 105 million in arrears have already been paid at the beginning of the term. The numbers refer to the 30th of March.
The facilities offered to students are provided for in a Provisional Measure signed by the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro. To join, it is necessary to request the renegotiation of the debt at the financial agent operating the contract, which can be Caixa or Banco do Brasil.
For debts that are more than 360 days overdue, the measure provides for discounts of 92% for those enrolled in CadÚnico and Auxílio Emergencial, which represents about 548,000 delinquent students. The discount is 86.5% for the others, which means 524,700 students. In addition, the remaining balance can be paid in up to ten installments.
In the case of debts that are 90 to 360 days late, there is the possibility of paying the amount in up to 150 installments, which will reach around 220,000 students. Whoever pays off the debt in full has up to 12% discount on the outstanding balance, in addition to exemption from interest and fines.
To have the name removed from the restrictive credit registers, the beneficiaries must pay the down payment at the time of renegotiation, corresponding to the first installment.
By facilitating payment, the Federal Government's intention is to reduce default in the loan portfolio and ensure the sustainability of Fies. According to the Ministry of Education, of the 2.6 million active contracts formalized until 2017, more than 2 million are in the amortization phase, with a debt balance of R$87.2 billion. Of these, more than one million students are in default, that is, more than 90 days late in payment. This represents a 51.7% default rate and amounts to R$9 billion in unpaid installments.
Renegotiation at CAIXA
Since March 7, about 800 thousand students, whose average debt is R$ 35 thousand, can now carry out the renegotiation of their contracts at Caixa in a 100% digital way. The student only needs to access the address to check whether or not he can request renegotiation and do simulations.
After confirming their compliance with the rules and simulating the renegotiation, interested parties will generate a slip for payment of the first installment or, if they choose to settle in one go, of the single installment. All digitally. The student's adhesion to the renegotiation is only effective after the payment of the entry or single installment.
If you need to update your registration information, just send your personal documents, also online, through the platform.
For information, students can access the address or call 0800 726 0101.
Renegotiation at Banco do Brasil
At Banco do Brasil, more than 500,000 students can renegotiate overdue Fies installments, digitally, through the app. To join the renegotiation through this channel, simply access the Debt Solutions, Fies Renegotiation option. Through the solution, the student will be able to verify if he is part of the target audience, the options available for debt settlement or installment, the discounts granted, as well as the entry values ??and other installments.
It is possible to contract the renegotiation in a few steps and generate the slip for the down payment or full payment of the debt. Hiring can also be done at Banco do Brasil branches.
More information via the Banco do Brasil app, at www.bb.com.br, by WhatsApp at (61) 4004-0001 and through the BB Call Center at 0800-729-0001.
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