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Action by the Federal Government will take 7,500 medical procedures to 86,000 indigenous people
- Photo: Fernando Brito/MS
On Tuesday (19/04), the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Health, carried out a series of actions that will bring 7,500 consultations, exams, medical procedures and surgeries to more than 86,000 indigenous people. The action “SESAI Mais Saúde Indígena” will reach 700 villages and benefit people from nine different ethnicities until April 23.
The initiative takes place in the Special Indigenous Health Districts (DSEI) of Eastern Roraima and Yanomami, providing medical care to the population of the Raposa Serra do Sol Indigenous Land, which comprises the cities of Boa Vista, Normandia, Pacaraima and Uiramutã.
The population will be assisted in the specialties of ophthalmology, dentistry, otorhinolaryngology, internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and orthopedics. The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Health, will also perform 300 eye surgeries (cataracts and pterygia) and general surgeries (epigastric, inguinal and umbilical hernias) among others of small and medium complexity.
The son of Mariana Braga da Silva, who lives in the Cajueiro Community, of the Macuxi Ethnicity, will need to have surgery on his face to remove a lump. “I liked it a lot, so much so that my son is going to have an operation. Thank God, through this action, now I will make it. He is already 16 years old and feels a little embarrassed,” he said.
A Mobile Surgical Center, modern and adaptable to the most extreme conditions of the Amazon rainforest, will make it possible to carry out the surgeries. The structure houses rooms for general surgery, minor procedures, medical comfort, a waiting room for patients, a changing room and the Material and Sterilization Center (CME). Surgeries will take place safely since the same equipment used in large hospitals will be used.
Pharmacist Taynara de Souza Paula, indigenous, from the Juruna ethnic group, from the Boa Vista Community, in the state of Pará, emphasizes the importance of the initiative for patients. “As an indigenous person, I am very happy that the Federal Government is providing these surgeries. So it’s very important for patients, it’s very gratifying,” she concludes.
A glasses factory will also be set up in partnership with the NGO Renovatio, for donations of glasses with corrective lenses.
SESAI Mais Saúde Indígena has logistical support from the Ministry of Defense. Through the Armed Forces, the ministry collaborates with the air transport of 17 tons of cargo, with land transport of patients and companions and food support, through the kitchen structure of the 2nd Special Border Platoon/Normandy. The action also has a partnership with the non-governmental organization Expedicionários da Saúde (EDS).
DSEI East of Roraima
The District serves 56,700 indigenous people of seven different ethnicities. They are: Makuxi, Wapchana, Taurepang, Wai Wai, Sapará, Patamona and Ingarico. Responsible for an area of ??69,700 km², the DSEI is made up of 1,177 professionals, 323 Basic Indigenous Health Units (UBSI), 34 Base Poles and an Indigenous Health Center (CASAI).
DSEI Yanomami
The Yanomami District serves more than 29,500 indigenous people from the Yanomami and Yekuana ethnic groups in 366 communities. There are 31 Basic Indigenous Health Units, 37 Basic Poles and an Indigenous Health House, with 751 health professionals covering an area of ??96,650 km².
Indigenous Vaccination
The Federal Government applied more than 729 thousand doses of Covid-19 vaccine to the indigenous population. As a result, 91% took the first dose and 86% completed the vaccination schedule. The booster dose also reached this population. Of the public over 18 years old, 51% completed this stage of the campaign.
With information from the Ministry of Health.
Health and Sanitary Surveillance
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