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Posted on 04/28/2022 14:23
Federal Government concludes the fifth and final stage of the process of reviewing normative acts below the decree
The results encompass a total of 79 public bodies. - Photo: General Secretariat
Since the publication of Decree No. 10,139/2019, which institutes the process of reviewing normative acts below the decree, 42% of the acts already edited and analyzed by the Federal Government — or 31,637 acts — have been revoked. The percentage is the result of the amount accumulated until the fifth and last ordinary stage of the review and consolidation process of these normative acts, concluded on March 31, 2022. Subsequently, in August 2022, the results related to the review process will be made available and consolidation of joint normative acts and acts that need in-depth review (Art. 14, sole paragraph)
The results encompass a total of 79 public bodies, including ministries, bodies linked to the Presidency of the Republic, military commands, foundations and municipalities. In total, 80,967 normative acts were identified, of which 74,400 were examined (91.9%), resulting in the revocation of 31,637, which represents 42.5% of the norms dealt with so far.
Additionally, 93 Federal Teaching Institutions and University Hospitals linked to the Ministry of Education identified the existence of 165,662 normative acts, examined 99,551 (60.1%) and revoked 25,561 norms (25.7%) until this stage.
Review and consolidation deadlines
The review and consolidation stages comprise the publication of all revised and consolidated regulations, according to the schedule below. The complementary step is intended to conclude the process of examining joint normative acts and those that require a deeper review of the current act, including the possibility of changes in merit (Art. 14, sole paragraph of the Decree):
Decree No. 10,139 of 2019
Decree No. 10,139/2019 aims to promote the simplification and review of all normative acts below the decree. To this end, government agencies and entities surveyed the collection of existing standards and promoted the review, express revocation or consolidation of all these regulations, in addition to keeping the collection in an easily accessible location.
In this sense, Decree No. 10,139/2019 acts directly to, by making the process of reviewing the stock of existing regulations mandatory, contribute to the objective of updating, simplifying and consolidating legal acts, reducing the regulatory stock, eliminating obsolete standards, reducing the complexity of the processes, strengthening legal certainty and, as a direct and most important consequence – reducing the Brazil Cost.
Performance of the Special Secretariat for State Modernization (Seme)
The Decree determined that the quantitative results obtained from the regulatory review carried out by the bodies should be reported to the Special Secretariat for State Modernization of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic (Seme/SG), which was responsible for centralized and consolidated disclosure.
Seme/SG, in order to facilitate the provision of the required information, developed, in partnership with units of the General Secretariat, an electronic form that allows bodies and entities to report on the progress of the envisaged stages of review and consolidation of normative acts.
In addition, supported by the National School of Public Administration (Enap) and in conjunction with the Subchefia of Legal Affairs (SAJ) and the Ministry of Economy, Seme developed distance training


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