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Posted on 05/17/2022 17:51
Federal Government announces the release of R$ 990 million for rural insurance
Insured area will be georeferenced in 2022 - Photo: Mapa
The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa), published this Tuesday (05/17) Resolution No. Rural Insurance (PSR) for the year 2022. In total, R$ 990 million will be made available over the next few months with the objective of financially assisting the producer at the time of purchasing rural insurance.
In the first three months of 2022, insurance companies have already paid producers approximately R$ 5.8 billion in indemnities, mainly resulting from the losses observed in soybean and summer corn crops in the Center-South region.
The release of the R$ 990 million resource will make it possible to support the contracting of approximately 140 thousand rural insurance policies throughout the country. The novelty is that the insured area will be georeferenced as of 2022 within the scope of the PSR, aiming to improve mapping information and satellite monitoring to cross-reference information with other databases.
Of the total budget to be made available, R$ 500 million will be for winter crops (2nd harvest corn, wheat and other winter grains), R$ 324 million for summer grains, R$ 72 million for fruits, R$ 12 million for livestock, R$ 2 million for forests and R$ 80 million for other crops.
In relation to the budget allocated to summer grains, part of this resource (R$ 60 million) will be exclusive to contracts carried out in the North and Northeast regions. This budgetary highlight, which has taken place since 2019, is intended to encourage the offer of insurance in those Regions, which is still incipient, and to stimulate demand from producers, who, unlike other regions of the country, are still not used to contracting the safe. In 2021, it was possible to boost the contracting of 3,310 policies, 102% more than in 2019. The amount insured in these Regions increased by 167%, from R$1.05 billion in 2019 to R$2.8 billion last year.
The producer who is interested in taking out rural insurance should look for a broker or a financial institution that sells a rural insurance policy. Currently, 16 insurers are qualified to operate in the PSR.
Rural insurance is intended for producers, individuals or legal entities, regardless of access to rural credit, who cultivate or produce species covered by the Program.
Since the beginning of this year, the premium subsidy percentage has been fixed at 40% for all crops/activities, except for soybeans, whose percentage remains fixed at 20%. This rule applies to any type of product and coverage, according to PSR rules, which can be accessed here.
For more information about PSR, please download the app. Just access for Android and IOS.
With information from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply


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