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Posted on 05/25/2022 16:41
Exports reached US$ 121.44 billion and imports reached US$ 98.14 billion; trade flow totaled US$ 219.58 billion
Trade balance has accumulated surplus of US$ 23.30 billion in 2022
Trade flows totaled US$ 219.58 billion - Photo: Tânia Rêgo/Agência Brasil
The Brazilian trade balance recorded a surplus of US$ 23.30 billion in the year, up to the third week of May, with a drop of 6.9% in relation to the period from January to May of last year, according to the daily average. The trade flow (sum of exports and imports) rose 23.3% in the same comparison, reaching US$ 219.58 billion. Data released on Monday (23/05) by the Federal Government, through the Secretariat of Foreign Trade (Secex) of the Ministry of Economy, show that exports in 2022 totaled US$ 121.44 billion, an increase of 19.6 billion. %, and imports reached US$ 98.14 billion, up 28.2%.
The balance result in the first three weeks of May indicates a 48.9% reduction in the month's surplus, compared to the daily average of May 2021, with US$ 3.11 billion. Trade flow increased 17.7%, reaching US$ 36.89 billion, reflecting the growth of 6.9% in exports, which totaled US$ 20 billion, and 33.8% in imports, which totaled US$ 16 billion. .89 billion.
In the third week of May alone, the trade balance had a positive balance of US$ 524 million and trade flow of US$ 11.545 billion, the result of exports worth US$ 6.035 billion and imports of US$ 5.511 billion.
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Exports in the month
In May, up to the third week, Secex found a 1% drop in Agriculture and Livestock exports, which totaled US$ 5.35 billion. There was also a decline of 7.6% in sales from the Extractive Industry, which reached US$ 4.03 billion. The Manufacturing Industry, on the other hand, increased shipments in the month, with growth of 19.2%, reaching US$ 10.52 billion.
Despite the general decline, the agricultural sector expanded exports of products such as unground wheat and rye (+2,020,155.1%), unground corn, except sweet corn (+9,597.3%) and unroasted coffee (+ 25.5%).
On the Extractive Industry side, even with the drop in total value, there was an increase in sales of other crude minerals (+96.1%), nickel ores and their concentrates (+110.1%) and crude oil or of bituminous minerals, raw (+12.5%).
For the growth of sales in the Manufacturing Industry, the output of fresh, chilled or frozen beef (+42.1%), soy bran and other animal feeds (excluding unground cereals), meat meals and other animals (+48.7%) and vegetable fats and oils, soft, crude, refined or fractionated (+100.5%).
imports in may
The performance of imports in May is positive in the three sectors, with increases of 14.8% in Agriculture, totaling US$ 355.71 million; 100.8% in Extractive Industry, which reached US$ 1.45 billion; and 30.7% in the Manufacturing Industry, which reached US$ 14.97 billion.
In Agriculture, the increase was mainly driven by unmilled corn landings, except sweet corn (+132.3%), fresh or dried non-oleaginous fruits and nuts (+45.5%) and latex, natural rubber, balata, gutta-percha, guayule, gum and natural gums (+51.1%).
The Extractive Industry increased purchases of coal, even in powder form, but not agglomerated (+238.6%), crude petroleum or bituminous mineral oils, raw (+94.8%) and natural gas, liquefied or not (+ 20.5%).
For the Transformation Industry, Secex found growth in the entry of petroleum fuel oils or bituminous minerals, except crude oils (+138.4%), organo-inorganic compounds, heterocyclic compounds, nucleic acids and their salts, and sulfonamides ( +53.8%), in addition to fertilizers or chemical fertilizers, except raw fertilizers (+232.3%).
With information from the Ministry of Economy




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